Small and medium business

Summer 2022, the winter of SMEs

Most of the GDP and the generation of jobs in the country depend on them and despite their areas of opportunity, the truth is that they are also resilient by nature, says Bernardo Prum.

Altum Capital receives financing of 125 million dollars for loans to SMEs

Apollo led the funding round for Altum Capital, which will use the proceeds to provide dollar loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

Time to set your sights on scaleups

The country needs small companies to become scaleups, that is, companies with development potential and a proven business model.

#ElDatoDeLaSemana: The obvious need for business support

Micro, small and medium-sized companies have been less resilient than large companies, simply because of their financial capacity to face the crisis, says Karla Ruiz Argáiz.

Family businesses, the basis for underpinning the economic recovery

Every family business should have a short-term business continuity plan and a long-term succession plan, suggests Juan Carlos Simón.

Is bankruptcy an option for SMEs in crisis?

The laws that regulate insolvency judicial procedures were designed to solve the financial crises of large companies, recalls Zulima González.

Digital payments, a tool for the consolidation of SMEs?

For SMEs, the challenge is to be able to select and implement the tools that solve their specific need and are cost-efficient, considers Jorge De Lara.

How to strengthen an SME to avoid more bankruptcies?

Discover the four decisions based on the Scaling Up business methodology that help companies strengthen their operational efficiency.


Last Minute: Peñoles loses more than half of its profits due to lower sales and inflation

The miner's gold production fell 17.2% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year

Entrepreneur: get your SME to receive this boost

Know all the benefits that this UPS initiative offers you

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Another effect of inflation: small shops already offer their "own brands" and they are cheaper than the most famous brands

The neighborhood shops are committed to offering local and regional products, which are cheaper for consumers.

Wildfire in Northern California continues – four dead

In California, an area of 224 square kilometers is burning. More than 1,300 firefighters are fighting the flames. Light rain eases the situation somewhat.