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Corona incidence in Germany reaches a new high – vaccination setback for the Scholz government

The RKI reports a new high for the seven-day incidence in Germany on Monday. There are over 78,000 new infections. Vaccination is slow going. All news in the ticker.

  • The RKI reports a new peak in the incidence for Germany.*
  • Government Vaccination Target Out of Reach (January 31 10:24am update)
  • The number of deaths has increased significantly.
  • This news ticker on the Corona* situation in Germany is updated regularly.

Update from January 31, 12:48 p.m .: The federal government currently sees no reason to relax the corona measures. “The moment we have the feeling that we can relax responsibly, this federal government, all state governments will take exactly this step,” said government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit on Monday in Berlin. At the moment, however, it is “still a bit premature” to take this step. One is still in the phase in which things are going uphill with the numbers, every day there are new record values. The peak of the wave has not yet been reached. “And in that respect I would warn at the moment against believing too early that it’s already over,” said Hebestreit.

Government vaccination target clearly missed

Update from January 31, 10:24 a.m .: A corona vaccination rate of 80 percent by the end of January is out of reach. In Germany, 74 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. About 63,000 doses of vaccine were administered on Sunday, including 40,000 for boosters. That emerges from the data of the vaccination dashboard on Monday (January 31). 20.2 million people in Germany are still not vaccinated against Corona. There is no approved vaccine available for four million people between the ages of zero and four.

The federal government originally wanted to reach the rate of 80 percent at the end of last year. The goal was then postponed to the end of January – even now it is not being achieved.

Corona: Vaccination rate in the countries very different

The vaccination rates of the federal states continue to differ significantly. In Bremen, for example, 86.7 percent of the residents are fully vaccinated, in Saxony only 62.7 percent. In Saarland, 60.8 percent of people are already boosted, in Saxony only 42.4 percent.

The actual vaccination rates in Germany could be higher than the official data shows. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), “one hundred percent coverage cannot be achieved by the reporting system”. The RKI therefore assumes “that the actual vaccination rate is up to five percentage points higher” than stated in the official announcements.

Incidence in Germany reaches a new high – number of deaths increases significantly

First report from January 31, 2022

Munich – The nationwide seven-day incidence has risen to a new high. The Robert Koch Institute* (RKI) gave the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week on Monday morning as 1176.8. The previous day the value was 1156.8, a week ago it was 840.3, in the previous month it was 265.8.

Over 78,000 new corona infections in Germany

The health authorities in Germany reported 78,318 new corona infections to the RKI within one day. This is evident from numbers that reflect the status of the RKI dashboard at 5:03 a.m. A week ago there were 63,393 infections.

However, experts assume that there will be a high and increasing number of cases that are not recorded in the RKI data, partly because test capacities and health authorities are at their limits in many places. In addition, some cities and districts have been reporting problems with the transmission of the number of corona cases for days.

Corona in Germany – significantly more deaths than in the previous week

In Germany there were 61 deaths within one day. A week ago there were 28 deaths. The RKI has counted 9,815,533 proven infections with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections go undetected.

The number of corona-infected patients who came to clinics per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days was 4.72 (Thursday 4.64) according to the RKI. These may also include people with a positive corona test who have another main illness. The RKI gave the number of recovered people on Monday as 7,622,400. The number of people who died from or involved a proven infection with Sars-CoV-2 rose to 117,786. (kam/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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