NewsCorona incidence in Munich continues to fall: Relaxation is...

Corona incidence in Munich continues to fall: Relaxation is imminent – Bavaria's ex-hotspot opens outdoor catering

The incidence in Munich is still below 100, which means that major easing of the corona measures will soon be possible. All news in the ticker for Bavaria.

  • The seven-day incidence * in Bavaria is falling.
  • Munich has been below the Corona * limit of 100 for four days – easing is on the horizon.
  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

Munich – Good news for the state capital. The Corona * situation in Munich seems to be relaxing. The Robert Koch Institute * reports a seven-day incidence below 100 for the fourth day in a row. On Saturday it was 92.3 (previous day: 94.1). This means that relaxation of the corona measures is within reach for Munich. Because: If a city or a district is below 100 for five days in a row, easing applies from the day after next – i.e. from Tuesday, if Munich falls below the value on Sunday.

In the event that the incidence is below 100 on Sunday, the city is preparing a general decree, “so from Tuesday, 11.5. Outdoor catering, theaters, concert halls, opera houses and cinemas can reopen and contact-free indoor sports and outdoor contact sports are possible again. ”This can be read on the city’s website.

Corona in Bavaria: Munich incidence below 100 – easing within reach?

For example, the night curfew could soon be eliminated in Munich. In addition, the government around Prime Minister Markus Söder announced further opening steps at the beginning of the week – you can find an overview here *. Probably of particular interest: the opening of the catering industry. If the incidence is stable below 100, outdoor dining is possible.

Please note: A circle must be below 100 for five days, followed by two days for the announcement and preparation and on the eighth day in total the outdoor catering can then be opened – but only with the consent of the Ministry of Health, reports the German Press Agency. The opening permit must be applied for there.

Corona in Bavaria: Former hotspot opens outdoor catering

The Tirschenreuth district has shown the way. If he was still badly hit by the first two corona waves, the outdoor catering opens there on Monday. The incidence there has been below 100 since April 14.

Söder surprises Bavaria with special corona regulations – an overview

Corona rules in Bavaria – This applies to schools in the Free State

If the incidence is stable below 100, theaters and cinemas can also be opened. The following applies to schools: In future, primary schools will remain open in all classes up to a value of 165 – as provided for in the federal emergency brake. In the higher schools, there are still more than 100 distance teaching.

The RKI reports an incidence of 120.9 for the entire Free State (previous day: 122). Coburg is currently severely affected by Corona. The city has a value of 302.0 and thus has the third highest incidence in all of Germany. (came) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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