NewsCorona: Israel starts giving fourth dose of vaccine

Corona: Israel starts giving fourth dose of vaccine

Israel is taking the lead in the fight against the corona virus worldwide with the fourth dose of vaccine to contain the omicron wave.

Ramat Gan – Israel has started administering a fourth dose of vaccine for particularly vulnerable population groups due to the rapid spread of the corona variant. On Friday (December 31st, 2021) the first repeated booster vaccinations with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer were administered.

At Sheba Hospital in Ramat Gan, people with weakened immune systems were given the vaccine for the fourth time, including patients who have had a heart transplant. There will also be another boost in retirement homes and geriatric wards.

“I was concerned at first, but after talking to my doctor I was convinced it was a good thing,” says 50-year-old Rinat Orion. She was one of the first in the clinic in the Tel Aviv suburb to receive a fourth corona injection.

Corona: Israel starts with fourth vaccination – Chile plans February as a start

Israel is thus starting the administration of a fourth vaccination dose almost a year after the start of its large-scale corona vaccination campaign and almost six months after the start of the administration of a third booster vaccination. Cardiologist Yael Peled was convinced that the repeated boosting would “increase protection against the coronavirus”.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Israel would take a global lead in administering a fourth dose of corona vaccine. Chile announced a fourth dose of vaccine for high-risk groups for February. In countries such as Germany and Great Britain, this approach is currently still being examined.

An Israeli panel of experts had spoken out in favor of starting the administration of a fourth corona vaccination for medical staff and people over the age of 60. Prime Minister Bennett also supported the project and said that the medical staff and all people aged 60 and over in Israel are entitled to a fourth dose. The Director General in the Ministry of Health, Nachman Asch, who was responsible for a corresponding decision, waited for more information before giving the green light for the fourth vaccination dose on Friday (December 31, 2021).

Corona vaccination: Israel fights omicron wave

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the option for a fourth vaccination dose is now also available for residents: inside old people’s homes and patients: inside geriatric wards. The ministry is responding to “fears of an increase in the number of infections in these facilities that endangers the health of these people,” it said.

In Israel, the number of daily new corona infections is currently increasing again. More than 4,900 new infections were reported on Friday – an increase of 152 percent compared to the previous week and the highest level since September 2021. According to researchers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the number of new infections every day could reach 15,000 or even 20,000 in the next ten days Cases rise.

Omicron variant: Israel buys corona drug

So far, the increase in Israel has not led to a significant increase in hospital admissions for Covid-19 patients. Nevertheless, the Israeli government does not want to let up in the fight against Corona. “Our strategy against Omikron is clear: the stronger the wave, the more protection we will need to face it,” said the Ministry of Health.

As a further measure against serious Covid 19 diseases, a delivery of the anti-Covid pill Paxlovid was shipped from Belgium to Israel on Thursday (December 30th, 2021). The German federal government has already secured delivery of the new drug in order to be prepared against the wave of omicons. (na / afp)

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