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Corona: Karl Lauterbach warns of a "difficult winter" – criticism of RKI boss Wieler from the FDP and the Greens

Corona in Germany: SPD health expert Lauterbach suggests a new federal-state round. Meanwhile, criticism of RKI boss Wieler is loud. All information in the news ticker.

  • The Corona * incidence remains constant: According to the Robert Koch Institute *, it is 64.4. The previous day the value was 63.8. (see first report).
  • Within one day, 8,854 new corona infections were reported to the health authorities. The hospitalization index is 1.67 (see first report).
  • Meanwhile, SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach is suggesting a new federal-state round on the subject of Corona: “We must not lose track.” (See initial report).
  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from October 9th, 9:39 am: FDP and Greens politicians criticize Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute. On Thursday, the RKI admitted that the number of vaccinated people in Germany was given too low for a long time.

The bias was around five percentage points: Accordingly, not 75.4 percent, as previously stated, but 80 percent of the adult population are fully vaccinated. For those who have been vaccinated once, the correct value is 84 percent instead of 79.1 percent.

According to the picture , the FDP demands that “the RKI will be guaranteed political independence in the future”. Green politician Dieter Janecek told the picture that he saw Lothar Wieler partly responsible for the long school closings.

Corona in Germany: seven-day incidence constant

Message from October 9th, 8.55 a.m .:

Berlin – The Robert Koch Institute reported 65 coronavirus-related deaths on Saturday morning. A week ago the number was 66. Within 24 hours, the RKI 8,854 new corona infections were reported, a week earlier there were 8,517 new infections.

The hospitalization index on Friday was 1.67. This value describes the corona patients admitted to hospitals within seven days, calculated for every 100,000 inhabitants in Germany. There was no change compared to the previous week. A general threshold value is not provided for the hospitalization index, as there are large regional differences across Germany. The previous high was 15.5.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 4,302,661 proven corona infections in Germany, with the number of unreported cases probably being significantly higher.

Karl Lauterbach wants a new federal-state round to discuss corona rules and booster vaccinations

The doctor and politician Karl Lauterbach reminds during the ongoing coalition negotiations not to lose sight of the corona pandemic. “There are a lot of decisions to be made in the pandemic – from the corona rules to the
Booster vaccinations. We must […] not lose track, ”he told the Funke media group on Saturday morning.

If no more dangerous virus variant occurs, the pandemic will be over by late spring 2022, in his view. However, it would be a difficult winter if the necessary vaccination rate is not achieved. The protective measures are therefore still needed. In order to promote the vaccination incentive, the SPD health expert suggests: “We should use the 2G rule more intensively, so only give vaccinated and convalescents access to restaurants, cinemas or events.”

Lauterbach is being traded as the next possible health minister *. When asked about this, he stated that he was not speculating about ministerial posts either publicly or privately, but added: “If someone is wanted who has a certain amount of experience in this area, then I would think about it.” * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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Pop superstar Ed Sheeran's fifth record is slated for release on October 29th. The singer will not be able to attend some of the previously planned appointments in person due to the corona.

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The Robert Koch Institute publishes the data on the corona pandemic in Germany on a daily basis. Here are the numbers for Sunday (October 24th, 2021) in the overview.

Corona incidence in Germany continues to rise – debate about mandatory vaccination reignited

The number of new corona infections in Germany is skyrocketing. The seven-day incidence is now well above 100. This also rekindles the debate about mandatory vaccination.

High number of corona cases in Germany – updated daily overview

The Robert Koch Institute publishes the data on the corona pandemic in Germany on a daily basis. Here are the numbers for Sunday (October 24th, 2021) in the overview.

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