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Corona measures in Germany: virologist Kekulé expects "lockdown through back door"

In the discussion about new corona measures in Germany, a lockdown seems to be ruled out. The virologist Kekulé still expects it.

Frankfurt – In view of the drastically increasing number of corona cases in Germany *, new and old measures are currently being discussed to counter the fourth wave. A new lockdown, as has happened twice in Germany so far, seems to be ruled out due to the higher vaccination rate. Nevertheless, the virologist and director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the University Hospital Halle Alexander Kekulé speaks about it. According to him, Germany expects a “lockdown through the back door”.

In politics, there are currently discussions about compulsory vaccination for various professional groups and the so-called G-rules to contain Corona * in Germany. For the latter, for example, Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer recently pleaded on Deutschlandfunk, and at the same time spoke out against a new lockdown: “It cannot now be right to send everyone equally into a lockdown.” The virologist Kekulé nevertheless expects such measures.

Virologist Kekulé on corona measures in Germany: “It will not be called lockdown”

“My guess would actually be that you do something like a lockdown through the back door,” said the virus expert on Tuesday (November 9th, 2021) in the MDR podcast “Kekulés Corona * Compass”. The reluctance of politicians in Germany to talk about this measure, he attributed to the aversion in the population towards it: “It will not be called lockdown, because it is simply politically taboo.” Many approaches in the fight against it Coronavirus are already close to a lockdown, according to Kekulé.

The virologist referred, among other things, to the Corona plan in Baden-Württemberg, according to which private meetings are only allowed to take place to a limited extent if the hospitalization rate in the state is higher than 8.0 or at least 250 intensive care beds are occupied. However, the measure only applies to people who have not been vaccinated.

Corona: “Lockdown for non-vaccinated” – virologist on 2G rule in Germany

According to Kekulé, other corona measures are also close to a lockdown. He is convinced that the students in Germany will soon have to stay at home again: “If they have a massive outbreak at school, they cannot force their parents to send their children to school,” he said and concluded: “Since there is compulsory schooling, there is then no other alternative than to close the schools.” Only this week, for example, at a school in Frankfurt, classroom teaching was suspended for one class * after four school children and one teacher were positive have been tested for Corona.

In addition, the virologist spoke of a “lockdown for non-vaccinated people” with the 2G rule, which is already mandatory in some federal states *. According to Kekulé, this gives the ingredients for a lockdown, but without it being called that. (vbu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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