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Corona: New RKI figures – experts see hospitalization incidence critically

There is hardly any movement in the number of new corona infections. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the incidence is falling again slightly. The news ticker.

  • According to the Robert Koch Institute, the 7-day incidence is 81.1.
  • The health authorities reported 6,325 new coronavirus infections.
  • This news ticker on the subject of Corona * in Germany is updated regularly.

Berlin – The 7-day incidence of new corona infections is 81.1. That comes from the data of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from Tuesday morning (previous day: 81.9; previous week: 83.8). Within 24 hours, 6,325 new corona infections (previous week: 6726 new infections) and 68 further deaths were recorded.

Corona in Germany: the incidence of hospitalization fell slightly

The number of corona patients admitted to clinics per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days was given by the RKI on Monday as 1.79 (Friday: 1.95). A weekly or monthly comparison is not possible due to the high number of late registrations. The previous high was around 15.5 around Christmas time. Many experts are critical of the hospitalization incidence.

There are currently 1,499 Covid-19 patients in an intensive care unit in Germany. 787 of them have to be artificially ventilated. This can be seen from the data in the DIVI intensive care register (as of September 14, 6:19 a.m.). For comparison: exactly one year ago there were only 233 corona patients.

Corona in Germany – Incidence in the federal states (as of September 14, 2021)

state 7-day incidence (September 14) 7-day incidence (September 13, 2021) 7-day incidence (September 12, 2021)
Baden-Wuerttemberg 90.9 91.8 79.1
Bavaria 85.8 86.4 84.2
Berlin 85.2 84.0 84.6
Brandenburg 42.6 44.3 43.4
Bremen 117.3 117.3 114.4
Hamburg 70.7 75.4 76.0
Hesse 100.6 103.9 105.3
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 38.7 37.9 37.7
Lower Saxony 73.0 75.8 75.7
North Rhine-Westphalia 99.4 99.3 100.8
Rhineland-Palatinate 95.8 94.2 93.3
Saarland 72.7 72.3 77.2
Saxony 40.1 43.6 41.2
Saxony-Anhalt 29.2 27.3 27.2
Schleswig-Holstein 42.3 43.1 43.3
Thuringia 47.5 45.4 45.5

Corona hotspots in Germany – only one region “Corona-free”

When it comes to infection, however, there are enormous differences in the individual regions. Six urban and rural districts are above the 200 incidence: Neustadt ad Weinstrasse (243.9), SK Rosenheim (239.0), District Berchtesgadener Land (229.5), SK Wuppertal (213.8), LK Ahrweiler (212 , 3) and the district of Traunstein (207.9).

Only one region is currently “Corona-free”: According to RKI data, no corona case was recorded in Eisenach (Thuringia).

Corona in Germany: The current RKI case numbers

  • 4,089,476 people in Germany have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 * since the beginning of the corona pandemic.
  • 92,686 people have died with or from Corona so far.
  • The RKI specifies the number of those who have recovered at 3,841,800.
  • There are currently around 155,000 active corona cases in Germany.

Spahn urgently calls for corona vaccinations

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has once again urged citizens to get vaccinated against the corona virus. In any case, “basic immunity” among the population will be achieved by spring – namely “through infection or vaccination,” said Spahn on Monday evening at the “Ständehaustreff” of the Rheinische Post . He recommends vaccinations, as this saves caregivers a lot of work and many deaths. “The number of unvaccinated people in Germany is still too large,” said Spahn. (ml) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Ed Sheeran tested positive for Corona

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran's fifth record is slated for release on October 29th. The singer will not be able to attend some of the previously planned appointments in person due to the corona.

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