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Corona summit on Thursday: Bavaria rules could remain for a long time – and be tightened

The next Corona summit is just around the corner. It’s that time again on Thursday. What could the possible resolutions mean for Bavaria? The news ticker.

  • The next Corona * summit is due on Thursday.
  • Are Bavaria threatening longer and stricter rules?
  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

Munich – The corona situation remains tense, even if the number of new infections in Bavaria has continued to decrease, according to the Robert Koch Institute *. On Wednesday morning, the seven-day incidence * was 493.2 (as of 3:50 a.m.). The day before it was 520.6. According to the RKI, the highest values were in the districts of Weilheim-Schongau (1062.2) and Freyung-Grafenau (1001.9). However, it is unclear whether the figures reflect the actual situation. Experts assume that this is under-reporting, as health authorities and clinics can sometimes not keep up with reporting cases.

Corona summit on Thursday – special meeting in the Federal Council

So in the fourth wave of the corona pandemic *, caution is still advisable despite falling numbers. The next Prime Minister’s Conference is scheduled for Thursday (December 9th). The Infection Protection Act, which was only reformed in November, is to be changed again for the new regulations. The goal is to make a decision this week. The Federal Council will therefore hold a special session on Friday (December 10th).

The draft law, which became known in advance, provides that a so-called facility-related vaccination obligation will be introduced by March 15, 2022: Employees in clinics, nursing homes, medical practices, emergency services or maternity facilities are affected. After appropriate training, pharmacists, veterinarians and dentists should also be entitled to vaccinate people aged 12 and over for a limited period. The points in detail:

Corona situation remains tense – which rules could come?

  • Special vaccination requirement: In facilities such as clinics or nursing homes there are “still relevant vaccine picks after a vaccination campaign lasting several months”, according to the draft. Employees should therefore have to submit proof of being fully vaccinated or recovered to the management by March 15, 2022 – or doctor’s certificates that they cannot be vaccinated. Anyone who starts from March 16, must have proof. It should also apply to staff in medical practices and emergency services.
  • More corona vaccinations: In addition to doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians and dentists should also be entitled to vaccinations * for people aged 12 and over for a limited period. Prior medical training and suitable premises or involvement in mobile vaccination teams should be a prerequisite. Sample training concepts should be developed by December 31st.
  • Stricter regional measures I: In the event of a very critical situation, the federal states can – after a parliamentary resolution – impose tougher restrictions on leisure time or sport. Exit restrictions, general shop and school closings are excluded after a first traffic light law. Now, according to the draft, it should be specified that gatherings and events that are not protected demonstrations can be prohibited – especially sporting events with a larger audience. It should be made clear that it is possible to close catering facilities and bans on congresses – but fitness centers and swimming pools may not be closed.
  • Stricter regional measures II: Shortly before the end of the “epidemic situation of national importance” on November 25th, individual countries decided on more comprehensive, tougher measures on this old legal basis. These can remain in force until December 15th. According to the draft, this deadline will be extended to February 15.
  • Obligations to test: Obligations to test have already been established for employees and visitors to doctors’ surgeries, clinics and nursing homes. According to the draft, it should now be specified that patients and “accompanying persons who only enter the facility or company for an insignificant period of time” do not count as visitors – that is, parents at the pediatrician or assistants for people with disabilities. There had been confusion and criticism about this in some countries.

Corona Summit / MPK – Are Stricter Rules Coming in Bavaria?

What do the possible corona measures mean for Bavaria? The point “Stricter regional measures I” is important here (see list above). Because: In a very critical situation, the federal states can – after a parliamentary resolution – impose tougher restrictions on leisure or sport.

For Bavaria, the cabinet decided on Friday (December 3) – one day after the last summit – a special route. There are ghost games again in the Free State. “I think it’s a shame and also bad that we couldn’t agree on a uniform rule,” said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder *. Some federal states are sticking to letting spectators into the stadiums. But also with the contact restrictions should be a little different in Bavaria. Nationwide, children up to the age of 14 are not usually included. In Bavaria, the exception should only apply up to twelve years and three months. The reason for this is the possibility of being vaccinated from this age.

Stricter corona rules are therefore nothing new in Bavaria – and they cannot be ruled out. Even if the incidence of infections is declining slightly: “It is still a serious and tense situation,” said State Chancellor Florian Herrmann on Tuesday. CSU * boss Söder also repeatedly explains that one is a team “caution and circumspection.”

Corona summit on Thursday: will Bavaria rules be extended?

The point “Stricter regional measures II” is also not entirely unimportant in the draft (see list above). Measures adopted before the end of the “epidemic of national importance” on November 25th can originally remain in force until December 15th. This deadline is apparently to be extended to February 15, which means that the rules in the Free State could be valid for a significantly longer period. (kam / dpa) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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