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Corona turnaround! No "Freedom Day" in Bavaria – Free State makes use of transitional regulations

The Corona situation is tense, so the Söder cabinet has decided: No “Freedom Day”, the mask requirement remains! The news ticker for Bavaria.

  • Ukraine war : Markus Söder* makes a government statement on Tuesday.
  • Corona * in Bavaria: The mask requirement remains, the Free State makes use of a transitional regulation (see update from 12 p.m.)
  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

12:34 p.m .: The question and answer session is now open. When asked about the application of the hotspot rule, he said that one had to wait for the final law. They are now making use of the transitional rule and have therefore only made a decision until April 2nd. After that, the transitional rule no longer applies, explains Herrmann. It depends on whether you can make use of the hotspot rule with “legal certainty”. There is a formal and a substantive hurdle. Bavaria is therefore calling for “things to be improved.” Do everything to protect the population if it is necessary. But you can only do what the federal government allows you to do in the law, he explains when asked again.

Corona situation: Bavaria puts together an aid package for culture

12:28 p.m .: Markus Blume has the floor “The situation of art and culture in Bavaria has been challenging in the last two years,” reports Bavaria’s new Minister of Education. And Corona is not over yet. Now there is the Ukraine war. There should be a “restart package” for culture as a “signal of hope”. The Corona cultural programs will be extended until June 30th. Money is now also being spent on the independent scene, which is new. In total, we are talking about up to 45 million euros. In addition, a “welcome package” will be put together for Ukrainian artists, for which there will be several grants.

Corona rules in Bavaria: mask duty? This will soon apply to schools in the Free State

12:18 p.m .: Michael Piazolo speaks after Herrmann. From Monday, the obligation to wear masks in elementary and special schools will be lifted, but only in the square. “To take a first step,” explains Bavaria’s Minister of Education. The incidence increases after the carnival holidays, he also reports. Secondly, it was decided to drop the masks in the 5th and 6th grades the week after next. If there is a corona case, an “enhanced mask and test regime will be maintained,” he explains.

The pictures from the Ukraine are terrible, he leads on to the next topic. He reports on his time in Kyiv that one could never have imagined images from a European capital beforehand. A three-pronged approach has been prepared to help.

Ukraine refugees in Bavaria: This is how children and young people should be helped

  • 1. Pedagogical welcome groups are set up
  • 2. Admission to special classes and teaching groups
  • 3. Possibility of admission to a mainstream class/regular classes

Corona hammer! No “Freedom Day” in Bavaria – Free State makes use of transitional regulations

12 p.m.: The press conference begins, Florian Herrmann has the floor. “The crises are escalating and it’s not getting any better overall,” he reports, referring to Corona and the Ukraine war. It is clear that Bavaria is preparing intensively for the influx of refugees and is already prepared. “The preparations are being and have been made.” The aim is to register people comprehensively in order to have an overview.

Herrmann says about Corona: “The number of infections is currently increasing again”, maximum values are currently being reached. It is predominantly the omicron subtype. Since March 7th, there has been an increase in the incidence, and Herrmann says there are still too many deaths to be lamented every day. The R value is greater than one. The hospitalization is stable, but the dynamics can still be seen there. ICU bed occupancy has increased. The hospitalization incidence is 899.

For schoolchildren, the increase is “brought from the carnival holidays,” says Herrmann. In the 16-19 year olds, the incidence is over 4000, i.e. twice as high. “Vaccination is still a stagnation,” he laments. 73.9 percent were vaccinated for the first time. That’s just a 0.1 percent increase compared to the previous week. The rate for the booster vaccination is 55.4 percent. Conclusion: “The pandemic is still in full swing.” The “warning signals” are there and should be taken seriously. One should not remove the protective measures completely, he warns.

Corona hammer in Bavaria: Mask requirement remains! Free State uses transitional rules

Bavaria considers the current federal draft law to be “inadequate”. It would not be possible to take protective measures outside of hotspots. The hotspot rule is “not practicable,” reports Herrmann. He criticizes that the instrument case is being “emptied and closed” by the federal government. Regarding today’s decisions of the Bavarian cabinet, he says: Bavaria is making use of the transitional rules that apply until April 2nd.

Bavaria’s Minister of Health had asked the cabinet to make use of it. That means: The 15th regulation will be extended and changed. It is scheduled to come into force on Saturday (March 19). The content: The previous rules on the mask requirement remain in place wherever they previously existed. It is “a very central means of protection.” The following applies in schools from March 21 (primary and special schools): the obligation to wear masks in the square will be lifted. A week later also for 5th and 6th grade. Access rules remain the same, i.e. 3G for restaurants, for example, and 2G Plus in clubs.

According to Herrmann, the following will no longer apply from March 19: rules on contact restrictions, upper capacity and person limits, special rules for church services, bans on folk festivals and fairs, a ban on celebrating in public places and the obligation to have fixed groups in daycare centers

Update from March 15, 11:40 a.m.: The Bavarian cabinet met at 9 a.m. on the Corona situation and the Ukraine war. There will be a press conference on the results in 20 minutes. You can follow them here at 12 noon in the live stream and ticker.

Corona: Bavaria incidence reaches record value

Update from March 15, 8:25 a.m .: The seven-day incidence in Bavaria has reached a new record. The RKI gave the value on Tuesday as 2027.0. The previous day the value was 1990.7, a week ago it was 1560.4. This means that Bavaria has the second highest seven-day incidence nationwide after Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Thuringia comes close behind.

Corona in Bavaria – the current numbers on Tuesday

  • 32,867 new infections within 24 hours
  • 33 new deaths (total now: 21,921)

Experts assume a high number of cases that are not recorded in the RKI data. One reason is the limited capacity of health authorities, for example, who only track contacts to a limited extent.

At the district level, the Haßberge (3225.2) and Regen (3026.7) districts recorded the highest incidence in the Free State on Tuesday.

Government statement by Söder on the Corona situation and the Ukraine war

Update from March 15, 5:53 a.m .: Today, Tuesday (2 p.m.), Markus Söder makes a short-term government statement in the state parliament because of the Ukraine war. According to the State Chancellery, the priority topics of the speech will be Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the organization of refugee aid in Germany and Bavaria. According to the Ministry of the Interior, around 45,000 refugees have arrived in Bavaria since March 1 – out of almost 150,000 in Germany.

Söder’s speech should also deal with other consequences of the war, such as energy policy. Since then, fuel prices in particular have skyrocketed, to ever new record highs.

The Ukraine war and its consequences are the subject of Söder’s government statement: Corona should also be addressed

Another topic of the government statement: the Corona situation. The seven-day incidence in Bavaria has currently reached an unprecedented level of almost 2000. At the same time, according to the plans of the federal government, all far-reaching corona measures are to expire nationwide this week. However, there are debates in particular about the planned end of the mask requirement in schools and in retail. On Thursday, the prime ministers of the federal states want to discuss the future corona rules with the federal government – Söder also wants to comment on this in his government statement in the state parliament.

Söder government statement in the afternoon on Corona and Ukraine – Press conference with ministers beforehand

In addition to the government statement, a video switch of the Bavarian cabinet is also on the program today. At 12 p.m. there will be a press conference with Head of State Florian Herrmann, Minister of Science Markus Blume (both CSU) and Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters).

Because of the Ukraine war: Short-term government statement from Söder – CSU boss also comments on Corona rules

First report from March 14th: Munich – In view of the Ukraine war, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder will make a short-term government statement in the state parliament this Tuesday (March 15th). This was announced by a spokeswoman for the State Chancellery on Monday. Priority issues will therefore be Russia*’s war of aggression against Ukraine* as well as help and support for refugees in Germany and Bavaria*. In addition, it is said to be about other consequences of the war, such as energy policy. Gasoline prices have skyrocketed since the beginning of the war and continue to reach new record highs.

Söder government statement on the Ukraine war – the corona situation is also an issue

In addition, the Söders government statement should deal with the Corona situation. The seven-day incidence in Bavaria has currently reached an unprecedented level of almost 2000.* At the same time, however, the federal government plans to phase out all far-reaching corona measures nationwide this week. There are particularly debates about the planned end of the mask requirement in schools and retail.

Corona rules: The federal and state governments will advise on Thursday – criticism from Bavaria in advance

On Thursday, the prime ministers of the federal states want to discuss the future corona rules with the federal government – Söder also wants to comment on this in his government statement in the state parliament. Criticism came from the Free State in advance: “It is essential that the federal states continue to have a functioning emergency kit after March 20th. It must be clear which measures are uniformly possible in an escalating situation. That is not the case,” criticized Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU*). The federal government must therefore improve the draft and give the federal states “more tools so that we don’t run into difficult situations with our eyes open again in the fall”. (kam/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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