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Corona wave in China: First deaths reported in over a year

China is facing the worst corona wave since the first outbreak in Wuhan. The health authorities have now reported new deaths for the first time.

Beijing – China has reported two new corona deaths* for the first time in over a year. Two infected people died in the northeastern province of Jilin as a result of their viral disease, the national health commission said on Saturday (03/19/2022). However, independent experts have doubts about the official information from Beijing on the number of infections and deaths. According to this, the last death to date in China* would have been on January 25, 2021.

The country is currently confronted with the worst corona wave since the corona virus first appeared in Wuhan. Regardless of the suspected understatement by state censorship, China’s authorities recently reported the highest number of infections since the end of the first wave in spring 2020. On Friday (03/18/2022) 3870 infections were registered in a total of 16 regions of the country, with the cases from Hong Kong not included are included. In an international comparison, the numbers are still low, but due to the strict zero-Covid strategy, the authorities react immediately to smaller outbreaks with curfews, mass tests, transport restrictions and quarantine regulations.

in Freiwilliger desinfiziert ein Gebiet, während es schneit. Die nordostchinesische Metropole Changchun wurde nach mehreren Hundert Corona-Infektionen in einen Lockdown geschickt.


in volunteer disinfects area while it snows. The northeast Chinese metropolis of Changchun was sent into a lockdown after several hundred corona infections.

New corona infections in China are increasing: lockdowns in many cities

Several million people in China are currently affected by nationwide lockdowns* – including in Shenzhen and parts of Shanghai, two important economic metropolises. Several housing developments in which thousands of people live have also been cordoned off in the capital Beijing.

In the Hong Kong SAR, the corona situation has been out of control for over a month. According to official figures, more than one million of the seven and a half million inhabitants have now been infected with Corona, more than 95 percent of them during the most recent wave of infections since the beginning of February. In addition, more than 5,000 people have died from the virus, it is said. In an international comparison, Hong Kong has a strikingly high death rate, which experts attribute primarily to the low vaccination rate among the city’s older residents. According to media reports, only one in three people over the age of 80 received at least two doses of the vaccine. (dpa/sne) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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