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Corona: YouTuber MaiLab speaks out in favor of compulsory vaccination – these are the reasons

The YouTuber MaiLab speaks in her latest video about a possible vaccination requirement in Germany. The scientist takes a clear position.

Frankfurt – The number of corona infections in Germany continues to rise. And that despite 3 or 2G measures, mask requirement and distance rules. Many experts knew in advance that winter would also bring a wave of new infections this year. Nevertheless, it is surprising how hard it now strikes.

What measures remain to get the pandemic under control again? Another lockdown? A new 1G rule? In her latest YouTube video, the scientist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, also known as MaiLab, discusses what is perhaps the most radical and controversial solution: compulsory vaccination.

MaiLab talks about compulsory corona vaccination in Germany: “Why not?”

The German vaccination quota is stagnating. A look at the RKI dashboard shows how sluggish the vaccination campaign has been over the past few months. On June 9, Germany set its daily record with a total of 1.4 million doses of vaccine administered. In the meantime, the syringe is rarely used more than 300,000 times a day. Currently, 67.5 percent of the German population are fully vaccinated, 70 percent have received a simple vaccination dose (status: 14.112021). So 30 percent are still missing for a fully vaccinated population. But how can this “vaccination gap” be closed?

The word vaccination is now used more and more often and makes large parts of Germans belch angry. Now science YouTuber MaiLab has also dedicated herself to the topic and the title of the new video already reveals what Nguyen thinks about the topic: Vaccination is OK.

MaiLab does not understand the excitement about corona vaccination

“I don’t understand the excitement about the compulsory vaccination. And that as someone who is not a fan of mandatory vaccinations, ”says Nguyen at the beginning of the video. “Of course, I would think it would be better if people voluntarily and rationally made what is undoubtedly the best decision for themselves, namely to get vaccinated. But if it obviously doesn’t happen, then compulsory vaccination is still better than letting the virus throw us a party. “

A vaccination rate of one hundred percent would not mean that corona infections no longer occur. Nevertheless, the number of new infections would drop sharply. “We are talking about infections that would be preventable, that would not have to be had all been vaccinated,” says MaiLab. Unvaccinated corona intensive care patients would ensure that hospitals are occupied again at the expense of the general population and the nursing staff. “All of these preventable infections ensure that our intensive care units […] are now full again. And that at the expense of all patients who need intensive care – regardless of whether they are corona patients or accident victims. “

Above all, Nguyen criticizes the government’s actions. This had recently clearly positioned itself against an obligation to corona vaccination. According to MaiLab, compulsory vaccination is not an ideal solution, but categorically excluding it is also not correct.

MaiLab: Three reasons for a corona vaccination

“Let’s look at the whole thing rationally.” This is MaiLab’s transition to an argument consisting of three reasons why compulsory vaccination is less bad than many people might assume. With her “three facts” Nguyen-Kim tries to convince vaccine skeptics. It is less about promoting the compulsory vaccination than about the vaccination itself. A final encouragement for independent and voluntary vaccination, before it maybe really becomes mandatory.

“No, side effects that appear much later […] are not to be feared. The fear is apparently based on the misunderstanding of the term long-term side effects, which can actually occur rarely, “explains the YouTuber and assures her viewers that corona vaccines are scientifically tested and safe. In addition, a vaccination would of course protect against the coronavirus and reduce the risk of serious illnesses. Nguyen supports all arguments with studies and research reports.

The extension of the “epidemic emergency of national scope” is due to expire on November 25th. But the current new corona infections reflect the opposite situation. MaiLab also points out in its video: “The pandemic is not over yet.” However, an end is in sight for the foreseeable future. “It’s the final spurt, folks.” The coronavirus cannot be eradicated, that is clear. However, Sars-CoV-2 would become endemic, i.e. it would become indigenous here and would line up alongside the other cold viruses. “It is assumed that it will be relatively harmless because everyone has already been vaccinated or has already had the virus.” However, the path to endemic is crucial: “So that we cannot eradicate the virus is not a problem. It is bad if we allow intensive stays and deaths on the way to the endemic, which would be avoidable. “

MaiLab on compulsory vaccination in Germany: “Pragmatism! now!”

Vaccination is safe. A vaccination protects. The pandemic is not over yet. “Anyone who understands these three facts can only come to one reasonable conclusion – freeing one’s arm and getting into the vaccination,” appeals Nguyen. “Only those who have not understood the facts or have been deceived by disinformation will consciously decide against vaccination.”

Compulsory vaccination for the entire population is difficult to implement, but it is quite conceivable in certain professional groups. Of course, if a mandatory vaccination is introduced, falsified certificates and IDs have to be expected. “Now is not the time for perfection, but pragmatism,” says MaiLab.

The YouTuber also contacts the government directly: “I know you promised there was no compulsory vaccination and breaking his word sucks. But do you know what’s worse? Not to break your word in this emergency situation. ”The political justifications against compulsory vaccination could not keep up with the extent of the current emergency. “If compulsory vaccination were justified, it would be now.” (Andreas Apetz)

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