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Coronavirus: Dieter Nuhr comments on the vaccination – and disappoints his fans

Cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr speaks out in favor of vaccination against the corona virus. He met with rejection from his fans.

Berlin – About a year and a half ago, cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr got into the media after downplaying the corona virus at the beginning of the pandemic. “We have a disease rate of 0.0001 percent of the population. So I would like to just perform on the weekend … ”he wrote on Twitter. The cabaret artist already relativized other social issues such as racism or the climate crisis in his shows, and his attitude towards scientists and politicians, for example, was rather critical.

With his surprisingly positive statements about the vaccination against Covid-19, he now seems to have irritated his fans. In a WDR2 podcast, he reported back from the summer break and talked about vaccination. He had already completed his immunization and was “really good” – just like “all the other people who had been vaccinated,” he said. He also compared the vaccination against the coronavirus with vaccinations against yellow fever and flu. “Back then, no sow questioned a vaccination,” he said. If possible, he would also have himself vaccinated against toothache and accept slight side effects for three days.

He also made fun of the fact that vaccination skeptics believe that vaccination makes you sterile. Anyone who believes this can “also immediately believe that the stork will bring the children. It’s similarly scientific. “

Coronavirus vaccination: Nuhr fans turn away

The cabaret artist replied to a woman who wrote on Dieter Nuhr’s Facebook profile that he now had one less fan because of his “hearing loss”: “Small mistake, I am not a slave, but convinced on the basis of statistical considerations. Only a dull feeling based on unproven prejudices speaks for your side. So why you believe that your point of view is superior remains your secret. “

Coronavirus-Pandemie: Kann Dieter Nuhr die Impfskeptiker unter seinen Fans bekehren?


Coronavirus pandemic: can Dieter Nuhr convert the vaccine skeptics among his fans?

Nuhr was otherwise happy to be able to perform again. He is currently touring and has been to Austria, among other places. His ARD program “Nuhr im Ersten” has been in the summer break since May 6th and will be back three days before the general election: on September 23rd.

Dieter Nuhr: As early as December he announced that he wanted to be vaccinated

As surprising as Nuhr’s statement came to some fans: The cabaret artist had already announced in December that he wanted to accept the vaccination offer. “It would be nice if 2021 were different from 2020. The dirty viruses can stay outside. I’ll get vaccinated as soon as possible. Simple calculation: the risk of a vaccination is considerably smaller than that of a COVID19 infection. Then I would like to continue my 100-year-old world exploration project with a trip to Uganda, ”he wrote in a guest post for Welt. (Tanja Koch with dpa)

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