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Cosmic Watch, an astronomical clock for your mobile

How could it be less, this astronomical clock has been manufactured in Switzerland; Its peculiarity is that it has fully entered the digital age , since it is an interactive 3D application for smartphones and tablets (it can be downloaded for Android and iOS for 3.99 euros).

The ancients would envy us the possibility of carrying a kind of digital planetarium in our trouser pockets. Cosmic Watch has an intuitive interface and has been built around a 3D model of the Earth.

Developed by the Swiss Celestial Dynamics Ltd., thanks to it we will be able to know the exact time in different parts of the world with a simple touch on the area that interests us; It will allow us to locate the planets in the night sky and travel forward or backward in time to observe the positions of the stars in the past – for example, at the moment of our birth – or in the future; It shows us the phases of the moon and, among other functions, it is also an eclipse detector. In short, it offers a representation of the solar system and the universe in 3D; all from a geocentric point of view.


The Cosmic Watch combines three main modes in a single instrument , which reinforces the awareness of the interrelation between time and the movement of celestial bodies: world clock (with indication of the time at each point of the globe); astronomical (to see the constellations and planets in the sky) and astrological (to see astrological charts).


In ancient times, these three disciplines were united and the developers of this app, Eduardo Santana and Markus Humbel , considered it interesting to show the relationship of these disciplines.


“The Cosmic Watch helps to understand how humanity began to measure time by observing the cycles of the cosmos,” explains Eduardo Santana on the app website. “At the same time, it reminds us that we live together on a planet at peace that floats in space, turning every day and orbiting the sun. I hope the Cosmic Watch helps you become aware of the beauty and wonders of creation. Because in the cosmos there is no bad day ”, jokes the designer.


But it is not only a tool intended for entertainment; It also has a very evident educational potential, and according to its creators, it is ideal for teachers, parents and anyone who is interested in time and space.


Take a few minutes and take a look at this explanatory video about the functions of the Cosmic Watch:


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