They create the most detailed 3D map of the universe and it is spectacular

The map, under construction, now includes 7.5 million galaxies. When complete, it will contain information from 35 million galaxies.

China is building an artificial moon

The artificial moon has a low-gravity environment to help us dig deeper into our satellite.

They detect a possible second supermoon outside the solar system

This moon, which would orbit a planet the size of Jupiter, is almost three times larger than Earth. More observations are needed to confirm the finding.

The cosmic bubble that surrounds the Sun is the source of all nearby stars

A team of astrophysicists has demonstrated this by means of a 3D model of the origin of the Local Bubble, some 500 light-years in diameter.

A large asteroid will approach Earth next week

More than twice the size of the Empire State Building, asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) will pass five times the distance to the Moon.

They discover the first exoplanet that does not have a spherical shape

Data from ESA's Cheops mission show that WASP-103b is shaped like a 'rugby ball' rather than spherical.

China detects water on the surface of the Moon

The Chang'e-5 lander becomes the first spacecraft to confirm the presence of H20 in the lunar soil.

James Webb: who was he and why did NASA name the largest space telescope in history after him?

The telescope was initially called the Next Generation Space Telescope and was renamed in 2022 in honor of Webb.


Chip shortage gives automakers a reality check

Cars are increasingly 'computers on wheels', but no automaker realized how critical it would be if one day chips were in short supply.

The implications of AMLO's reform go beyond the electricity market

Although it is considered as a reform for the electricity sector, the document contemplates changes in the oil sector that are not being contemplated in the discussion.

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Letizia & Felipe are the "most elegant Spaniards": Big poll victory

Letizia and Felipe can look forward to a new title. The fashion-loving queen in particular should be extremely happy about it.

USA: Man takes hostages in synagogue – bomb threat for unknown locations

In the US city of Colleyville, a kidnapper is holding several people captive in a synagogue. The police clear the area.