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COVID digital certificate: what is it, when does it start and how to request it

This summer, traveling abroad will mean having to take with us the famous ” Covid passport ” or as it is actually called: the digital COVID certificate of the European Union that apparently is already available in our country so that we are going to explain what exactly it consists of and how to request it according to each community.

COVID digital certificate: what is it, what is it for, when does it start and how to request

The COVID digital certificate is the certificate issued by the EU and which has in fact already been activated to travel through Europe this summer. The EU certificate, proposed by the Commission to resume safe travel this summer, is free, safe and accessible to all. Available in digital or printed format, it serves to demonstrate that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has been negative in the PCR test or antigen test or has recovered from the disease in the last six months.

To validate it, it will depend on whether it is carried in digital format since in that case the certificate will appear in QR format , while if we request it through the physical format, we will have a paper with a barcode that will be our “covid-free” identification.

The regulations for this certificate will apply from 1 July , but all Member States that have successfully carried out the technical tests and are prepared to issue and verify certificates can now start using the system on a voluntary basis. This is the case of Spain, which has already started issuing the first EU certificates, while other countries will wait until all functions are available at the national level before starting to issue EU digital COVID certificates. Therefore, many other countries will join in the coming days and weeks.

How to request the COVID digital certificate and communities where it is already available

In order to request our COVID digital certificate in Spain we have to know that at the moment there are only seven communities that already have it available (as of July 1, all communities must be able to provide it to whoever requests it).

Let’s see then which communities already offer this certificate and how it can be requested:

  • Aragon : It can be ordered in physical or digital format through the SaludInforma website.
  • Andalusia : All people over 65 years of age who have been vaccinated will receive the certificate by post. Others can request it through the Salud Responde app or the ClickSalud website.
  • Extremadura : The health centers of this community issue the statement but only those that are cases of vaccination or recovery. We can also request it through the Extremadura Health website
  • Navarra : It is offered through the Personal Health Folder and will also be issued in health centers shortly.
  • Castilla y León: In this community it can be requested through the Sacyl Conecta mobile application or on the Patient Folder website.
  • Valencian Community : The Covid certificate can be requested through the Generalitat Valenciana website or the GVA + app.
  • Galicia : The Covid certificate can be requested in this community through the PassCovid app.

The rest of the communities as we say must have the certificate available for those who request it before July 1 , although some such as Madrid have already announced that at the end of this month they will have it available through the Sanitary Card application or by calling 900 102 112.

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