NewsCovid measures: Pedro Sánchez demands that Spaniards "less contacts"...

Covid measures: Pedro Sánchez demands that Spaniards "less contacts" and "stay at home" despite lifting the state of alarm

Pedro Sánchez has just thrown all of Spain into chaos due to the lifting of the state of alarm without a legal alternative, nor the ability on the part of the autonomous communities to adopt restrictive measures and contain the advance of the virus. But if that is already inexplicable in itself, it is even more so that the Ministry of Health itself currently maintains demands on citizens where it demands all the behaviors that the implicit curfew implies in the state of alarm, and that On top of that, do so after having raised that same legal instrument by direct decision of Sánchez. The last document requiring citizenship published by the Ministry of Health, which can be accessed simply by entering the anti-Covid website of the department of the Minister Carolina Darias, highlights several tips. Among them, “fewer contacts” and maintaining a “stable bubble”, ensuring a social distance that guarantees a minimum separation of “1.5 meters between people” and staying “at home” as soon as “symptoms” consistent with the coronavirus. All this is impossible to control at this time with the eradication of the basic rule that prevented mass concentrations of young people at night. The documentation in question warns that it can be updated at any time. But the truth is that it has been maintained since February 17, which leads us to think that, from a scientific point of view, the need for protection measures or caution against the virus has not changed. Despite what the alarm state has been dismantled without any alternative.The “6M” rule In this text, the Ministry of Health demands that citizens maintain the “6M” rule and asks to have this pattern of behavior “always in mind.” But the first person who had to forget it seems have been the Government. The first requirement, the first “M”, is the “mask, use it covering face, mouth and chin”, says the text of the documentation. The second is the “meters”: “At least 1.5 meters between people”. This second “M” has already been blown up by the lack of police to control, after having eliminated the curfew, the concentration of groups in the streets at night. The third rule refers to “hands, frequent washing ”. The fourth requires “fewer contacts and in a stable bubble.” It goes without saying that this is the main rule that disappears with the end of the curfew and with the lack of police officers to avoid the night bottles. Contacts have been triggered in the absence of surveillance and prohibition, especially since there are no alternative rules to avoid this situation after eleven o’clock at night. The fifth “M” refers to “more ventilation.” Obviously, without control, it will be even more difficult to detect private house parties with more than “one stable bubble”, as claimed by the fourth “M”. And the sixth rule is that of “I stay at home with symptoms or diagnosis of Covid , if I am a contact or I expect results ”. It will be very difficult to guarantee a control of people with symptoms in bottles like those witnessed last weekend. It was about real night parties with hundreds of people. And all this is asked of the people. Just what the Government no longer requires through its legal apparatus. Thus, since last Sunday at 00:00 hours, the state of alarm in Spain is already past. And, with it, the curfew at eleven at night and until six in the morning. Furthermore, the lack of a plan ‘b’, by the Pedro Sánchez Government, has led to the Supreme Court having to set the guidelines on what restrictions may be maintained in the autonomous communities. The Executive’s decision that the different territories may resort to the High Court has led the Contentious-Administrative Chamber to expect, in fact, a flood of resources in the face of the contradictions of the different Superior Courts of Justice (TSJ). could be observed since the Friday prior to the fall of the state of alarm, when the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country (TSJPV) ruled that the autonomous community or municipal confinements, the night curfew, or the group limit of four people after the end of the alarm state. And all this, considering that these limitations affect fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Of course, courts such as those of the Valencian Community or the Balearic Islands have endorsed the restrictions of both autonomous governments. In the case of the Valencian court, the Litigation magistrates accepted a curfew in force from midnight to 6 a.m., between May 9 and 24. Of course, they established that it will be the evolution of the pandemic and the rhythm of vaccination those that determine “the need, or not, of its extension or the adoption by the competent authority of measures of greater laxity in the affectation of fundamental rights”.The contradictions between the different superior courts have only just begun and lead the Supreme Court to have to establish a single jurisprudence. However, a report from the Technical Cabinet of the High Court highlights the ability to do so. All chaos.

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