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Create the world's first anti-laser

antilaserFifty years after the invention of the laser, a team of scientists from Yale University (USA) has builtthe world’s first anti-laser. The deviceabsorbs incoming laser beams and transforms the light energy from these beams into electrical or thermal energy, according to A. Douglas Stone, a researcher at Yale University (USA), in statements to the SINC Agency.

The mechanism, called a “perfect coherence damper” (CPA), focuses two laser beams with a specific frequency into a cavity that contains a disk of silicon as a semiconductor material. The disk aligns the light waves, which bounce indefinitely until they are absorbed and transformed into heat, as exposes the article published today inScience.

A backwards laser

Half a century after the invention of the laser, “anti-laser performs a fundamental optical process that has not been studied until now,” says Stone. It is, therefore, a laser that works in reverse:absorbs light at specific frequencies instead of emitting it. The device measures about a centimeter in diameter, although scientists hope to build one as small as six microns. At the moment, the anti-laser absorbs 99.4% of the incoming light, although it should be able to absorb 99.999%.

Thenext generation of computersKnown as “optics,” you could use this new technology in switches, detectors and various components. In addition, anti-laser could be applied in the field ofradiology, by directing electromagnetic radiation to a region of opaque human tissues. In this way, medical images could be obtained or the mechanism used for therapeutic purposes.

A ray of light contains more information than you think

A simple ray of light, a jet of photons, is capable of giving us information about the temperature, composition, speed and distance of the star that emitted it.

The legacy of Albert Einstein: the Theory of Relativity

On this day Albert Einstein was born in Germany, author of the theory of relativity, who determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers.

An asteroid that was going to hit Earth in 2023 turns out to be...

For a few days in January, asteroid 2022 AE1 became the most dangerous asteroid observed in more than a decade.

This is theory that says what was there before the Big Bang

One of the problems with physics is that its two great theories, general relativity and quantum theory, get along like a cat and a dog. Although we have been searching for a quantum theory of gravity for more than half a century, the truth is that the results are quite disappointing.

Is there only one time?

Time is a concept that we use daily throughout our lives. However, what is it? Time, we say, is what the clock ticks. But that is not saying much. If we reflect a little more we will see that no matter how hard we try to find an answer, none will completely satisfy us. Time is an elusive concept and it is surprising that something so familiar is so difficult to define.