The 3 books you have to read if you are interested in physics

We present you a list with three of the most important books in the history of physics. A branch that serves to explain the beginning of everything.

The strange case of forces that do not exist

Anyone who has studied physics will have encountered the difficulty of what we call 'fictitious forces'.

The craziest scientific studies of 2021

This year's Ig Nobel prizes return with the most unusual study winners on the planet. Could humans have developed beards to protect themselves from blows to the face?

What is chirality in living beings?

Something has chirality if its image in a flat mirror, ideally realized, cannot coincide with itself; for example, the left hand versus the right, as opposed to a cube or a sphere. From this concept derives one of the greatest mysteries of science.

Physics: when intuition fails

When studying the most complex parts of physics, sooner or later there comes a time when theories contradict intuition and become hard to believe.

Light bouncing 'behind' a black hole detected for the first time

The gravitational field of the black hole bends the space around it, allowing the light to 'echo'. What does this detection mean? What is the role of Einstein's predictions in this discovery?

Alfred Wegener's theory: what the continental drift theory is and what is it based on

Alfred Wegener was a German meteorologist and geophysicist who developed the theory of continental drift, a pioneer in this field

What is dough?

When asked what mass is, the first thing we can answer is that mass is not, as it might seem, a measure of the amount of matter. Do not; it is a measure of inertia.


ZDF crime thriller: "Friesland: Until the Blood" – Nordic by Nature

Unfortunately, the new episode of the recently quite remarkable Schmunzel crime series on ZDF is only moderately cheerful and completely unexciting.

Big city gets "Rooftop Christmas Market" – with a special view

Drink mulled wine, eat a burger and look at the illuminated city from above - this is what the new "Rooftop Xmas" Christmas market in Cologne offers.

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Weather service warns: Storm "Ignatz" sweeps over Germany

The first strong autumn storm of the year is currently sweeping across Germany. During the day, squalls and even hurricanes are expected in some places.

Celine Dion cancels appearances in Las Vegas until February

Celine Dion has spent many years on the show stage in Las Vegas. Now the Canadian singer was planning a new show, but her health did not play along. The star has to back down.