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Crown Princess Mary: She will never forget this advice from her mother

Crown Princess Mary lost her beloved mother many years ago, but one piece of advice she will always remember.

Copenhagen – Crown Princess Mary (49) reached a major milestone on February 5, which combines numerous adventures and experiences. As reported by *, the royal jubilarian takes a look back at her life so far and the important moments that have shaped it on the occasion of her 50th birthday.

Crown Princess Mary: Advice from her mother that she will never forget

In an interview with the magazine Eurowoman, whose February task featured the birthday child Mary*, the wife of Crown Prince Frederik* (53) describes the “pioneering events” of her life, including, according to Mary, the grief over the loss of her mother. Henrietta Donaldson (55, † 1997) died at the age of 55 as a result of heart surgery. She left a big void, and Mary still keeps the memory of her mother alive today.

Kronprinzessin Mary trägt einen weißen Hut und lächelt (Symbolbild).


Crown Princess Mary is still following her mother’s advice (icon image).

As Crown Princess Mary* revealed to Eurowoman, Henrietta gave her daughter some advice that she has never forgotten: “My mother always said: ‘You can only be yourself’. [German: “You can only be yourself”, d. Red.] She was absolutely right, I remembered these words when I experienced in between that I was about to lose myself. Because my life has offered great changes – joys and sorrows – that I have had to go through.”

Crown Princess Mary: She fell in love with her adopted country of Denmark

With her natural and open nature, Crown Princess Mary took the hearts of the Danes by storm, and Queen Margrethe II (81) also raved about her daughter-in-law *. The 49-year-old always represents the crown with a bright smile on her face, making it clear that the future of the Danish monarchy* is undoubtedly in good hands. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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