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CycleBoard, the latest in electric scooters

There are many personal vehicles that you can choose from to move around the city, but if yours is not cars or motorcycles, you are looking for a transport that emits zero emissions, easy to use – switching on and off consists of something so simple like hitting a button– while also offering great control and stability, you’ll want to know more about the CycleBoard.

Maximum speed and autonomy are two issues to take into account in this type of urban transport: the battery life of this three-wheeled scooter, which is 100% electric, will allow you to travel up to 30 kilometers without recharging and the vehicle , which has five speeds, can reach 32 kilometers per hour. Although this figure will be reduced the more irregular the terrain is traveled and the greater the weight of the pilot or pilots (it can carry two people, but the maximum load must not exceed 113 kilograms).

The vehicle has 450 watts of power and a silent motor , and to recharge it, which will take you between three and five hours with the included charger, it can be connected to any electrical outlet.

The CycleBoard is a means of urban and family transport suitable for almost all ages, since the height of the handlebar is adjustable . It has two front wheels that facilitate its riding and offer a very intuitive driving experience based on the placement of the feet on the board and on the balance of the body.

With a size much smaller than that of a bicycle, it will be easily integrated into your daily life, since, as it can be folded, its portability is maximum . You can carry it like a trolley and put it without problems in your car, on the train, in an elevator … In addition, this feature will facilitate its storage at home, where it will take up very little space.

This vehicle, valid for both daring pilots, who enjoy surfing the asphalt , and for those more conservative, also has a support where you can place your smartphone and thus access the GPS to guide you through the city or enjoy the ride with your favorite music from background.

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