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Cyclist wants to go to Italy: stopped at the Danish border

A 25-year-old man set off on a bicycle in Hungary. His destination: Italy. The police picked him up at the Danish border – and were at least able to help him a little.

[Ellund -] A cyclist who was stopped on the autobahn at the German-Danish border near Ellund has lost his way.

The 25-year-old man stated that he started a bicycle in Hungary a few days ago, the federal police said. He was cycling in the wrong direction because he actually wanted to visit a friend in Italy.

The long-distance driver did not have a map or mobile phone when Danish border officials handed him over to the federal police on Saturday. The federal police accompanied the man to the train station. [dpa]

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Cyclists stopped on the motorway at the Danish border

A 25-year-old man set off on a bicycle in Hungary. According to police, he was going to visit a friend in Italy but was stopped at the Danish border.

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