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Did Naturgy charge you improperly? You can join the Profeco class action lawsuit

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) invited those affected by the Naturgy company to join a collective action against them.

“If you were affected by the Naturgy company for the improper charging of additional services that were not contracted, or for estimates of the use of the natural gas service, we invite you to join the #CollectiveAction against them,” the agency published in its twitter account.

To join the action, it is necessary to present the documentation indicated below through any of the three options indicated:

Through the portal of collective actions

For this alternative you must enter . Click on the “Contact / Advice” tab and fill out the corresponding questionnaire and fill out the required documents, which are the following:

  • Express consent form in favor of Profeco for electronic submission. It must be filled out in blue ink and above the signature it must be written in handwriting “Under oath to tell the truth, I declare that this is my handwritten signature”.
  • Valid official identification
  • Report of the facts
  • Documents that prove the consumption relationship
  • Any other document related to the affectation
  • Additional personal data format

Via email

If you wish to submit the documentation electronically, you will have to send an email to [email protected] containing two documents in PDF format (they must not exceed the capacity of 15 Megabytes) containing the following:

Document 1. This document is made up of the following information, which must be arranged in the order indicated below.

  • Express consent form for electronic submission
  • Valid Official Identification (front and back)
  • report of facts
  • Documents that prove the consumption relationship
  • Any other document related to the affectation.

Document 2. Personal data format. Each of the required fields must be filled in blue ink and block letters.


If you wish to present the documentation physically at one of the Profeco Consumer Defense Offices, you will have to show the following information:

  • Express consent form for physical presentation
  • Three copies of the Valid Official Identification of the consumer who signs the consent form (front and back)
  • Three copies of the Valid Official Identifications of the witnesses who sign the consent form (front and back)
  • Original and three simple copies of the Report of facts
  • Three simple copies of the documents with which the consumption relationship is accredited
  • Three simple copies of any other document related to the affectation

The formats and details of each document are available at:

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