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Do you have 10 pesos in the bag? You can invest them in one of these actions

When thinking about investing in the Stock Market, it is common to believe that you need to have thousands of pesos in a bank account. Fortunately, this myth is disappearing, because thanks to technology, now you can invest with just a few pesos.

The adoption of technological tools allowed the costs of brokerage houses to decrease, and that they were able to offer the opening of accounts with amounts from 100 pesos.

You don’t need to have specialized equipment either, investments can be made from the comfort of your smartphone. All you need is an internet connection and the download of one of the applications that exist to invest. It is important to note that before opening an account you should check that the application is backed by a financial institution.

The ease of opening accounts and the decrease in the minimum amount to operate have encouraged the creation of new investors in the country, in fact in two years, the number of investment accounts in Mexico multiplied almost 10 times from 299,582 in December 2019 to 3.1 million in December 2021.

But what can you invest in? There is a whole range of options offered by the market to invest, from cetes to shares. Here we present you, the actions that cost less than 10 pesos.

Shares of less than 10 pesos

The global economic situation has led the main stock market indices to register a decline so far in 2022 and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) has not been the exception.

So far this year, the main index of the BMV, the S&P/BMV IPC, accumulates a drop of 15% to 45,400 points, close to its lowest level since January 2021. This drop may represent an opportunity, since Historically, over the long term, indices always tend to go up. For example, in the last 10 years, the S&P/BMV IPC registers a rise of 25%.

Of the 35 companies that make up this index, only one has a price of less than 10 pesos: Cemex, one of the main cement companies worldwide.

But in the Mexican market there are more than 140 companies whose shares can be purchased, of which 30% have a price of less than 10 pesos, although some of them are very little liquid, that is, it is difficult to buy them. and sell them.

Although the share price of these companies is less than 10 pesos, it does not always mean that they are a good investment opportunity. Specialists recommend that before investing the company, its financial results and the risks it runs, what they call the fundamentals, be analyzed. It is also important that each person knows their risk profile (that is, how much they are willing to lose) and their investment outlook (how long they plan to have that money invested), so that they can put together the strategy that best suits their needs. .

How would the elimination of daylight saving time affect the markets?

The elimination of summer time in Mexico does not affect the operations of the stock market, since the Stock Exchanges adjust their hours, opening and closing at the same time as the US Stock Exchange.

The good results of the third quarter lead to the BMV having its best...

The companies that stood out in the BMV were Grupo México and Grupo México Transportes, with increases of 10.88% and 11.76%; followed by Traxión, with 9.28%; Chedraui, 7.56%, and América Móvil, with 5.88%.

The Mexican stocks that have risen the most in the last 10 years

Lamosa, Gruma and GAP had the stocks that increased their value the most in the long term, meeting investors' expectations: high yield and low risk of loss.

And now what filters can help them? Snapchat shares plunge almost 30%

Shares of social media companies sank with Snapchat leading the decline, down nearly 30%.

Great news for Banorte: its shares rise for a good quarter

Banorte announced its withdrawal from the Banamex purchase process and the startup of its Bineo platform in the first quarter of 2023.