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How would the elimination of daylight saving time affect the markets?

After 26 years, summer time in Mexico will come to an end. After several months of back and forth, the Senate endorsed the reform of the Time Zone Law and put an end to the time change that has been applied in the country since 1996.

On Sunday, October 30, in most states of the country, the clock must be set back one hour, and it will be the last time that change is made.

Would it affect operations in the Stock Market?

The elimination of daylight saving time will not radically impact stock market operations, although the time difference for some months with Wall Street, the world’s main stock market, will be two hours, since in the United States there is a time change.

Carlos Ponce, founding partner of SNX, a stock market analysis, promotion and investment firm, points out that the only thing that happens, with the elimination of daylight saving time, is that the market becomes a little uneven, but nothing more, since the Stock Exchanges in Mexico they open and close operations based on the United States market.

Ideally, both markets (Mexico and the US) operate at the same time so that they behave in a similar way, so that distortions are cushioned and, in the event of shocks (derived from some news), that these are more soft.

In addition, simultaneous operations help to have more trading in the market, that is, more purchase and sale operations, especially since around 52% of the value traded in the capital market (shares) is carried out in the SIC (International System of Quotes), a platform that allows investors in Mexico to participate in assets listed in other markets.

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