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Do you want your company to be more optimal? use digital twins

The use of digital twins can have a positive impact on various industries and processes, since they establish that technology can complement human activity; however, there may be some reluctance on the part of organizations despite the benefits they represent.

Digital twins, in the words of Tata Consultancy Services futurist Frank Diana, are virtual representations of a physical object or system that are updated from data in real time. These are obtained by sensors in vital areas of the article and their objective is to run simulations to study a problem and generate possible improvements.

According to the study of more than 1,000 organizations worldwide by the Capgemini Research Institute, organizations that use them have seen a 15% improvement in operational metrics, in addition to a performance greater than 25% in their systems. .

These data, therefore, were a justification for 36% of the participating companies to mention that they plan to increase their implementation in the next five years. However, there are only 13% of key organizations in digital transformation through these systems.

Alejandro Caso, leader of the manufacturing sector at Capgemini, mentions that there is resistance to changing processes, because what they want to improve has not been clearly defined, but once the benefits are found, the reluctance disappears.

“Any option in which changes are implemented or adopted through a digital twin must have benefits that are tangible, because that way the executives will see them and have less resistance to change”, details Caso.

Competitiveness demands digital twins

The specialist mentions that this implementation can constitute a competitive advantage for companies in their sector. But if they’re new to your application process, he recommends finding some little-known area of the company or process to put it to the test and see how it works.

For example, sustainability is a priority issue for companies today. The vast majority seek to pollute and spend less, in addition to the fact that governments are paying more attention to this issue, therefore, Caso mentions, by using digital twins they can generate an environment to make changes in fewer steps or with fewer risks for their business.

In fact, companies in this sector are increasingly aware of the potential gain that digital twins can bring to them, as they also provide a unique opportunity to reconcile profitable growth and sustainability.

Data from the Capgemini study indicates that organizations have achieved an average improvement of 16% in their sustainability goals due to the use of digital twins.

Caso highlights that these use cases are ideal for understanding the importance of digital twins, since they are situations where the evolution of the physical world requires changes in the digital world. “The fact of not applying the adjustments when the environment requests it can represent a loss for the competitiveness of the company”, he concludes.

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