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This is Optimus, Tesla's humanoid robot


After many months of advances in social networks announcing the Tesla Bot, baptized as Optimus, the presentation of Elon Musk Tesla’s new humanoid robot Optimus was criticized by experts in artificial intelligence and robotics during his presentation a few days ago.

And it is that, those present were a little ‘cold’ before the empty inauguration of Tesla’s humanoid robot. “None of this is cutting edge,” robotics expert Cynthia Yeung tweeted.

The Optimus robot had been predicted as a fundamental transformation piece for civilization as we know it, but what the attendees could see was how the robot clumsily moved its arms and took its first steps. But for many artificial intelligence researchers, it was nothing impressive or groundbreaking.

Tesla’s billionaire CEO said they plan to sell the Optimus robot for “probably less than $20,000.”

Optimus was introduced in the first 45 minutes of Tesla AI Day 2022, in which Musk and a group of engineers discussed the robot’s software and hardware , as well as where they plan to venture with the next project.

“I want to set some expectations for our Optimus robot. As you know, last year it was just one person in a robot suit, but we’ve come a long way. Compared to that, it’s going to be pretty impressive.” Musk said at the event.

Musk admitted that Optimus does not move with the same fluidity and realism as other cutting-edge humanoid robots, such as those from Boston Dynamics. However, he suggested that Tesla is aiming for something a bit different. Tesla is more interested in the robot brain and general artificial intelligence rather than physical acrobatics.


Optimus has WiFi and LTE connectivity and runs on the company’s autopilot software. Both his hands and his knees are inspired by those of humans. His joints are optimized and he is able to carry a bag of about 10 kg in one hand.

The robot prototype has huge implications for everything from manufacturing to home life to the service industry to healthcare and more.

The humanoid robot, which is intended for industrial and domestic uses, was first announced on AI Day in August 2021.

The Tesla Bot is almost the height and weight of an adult; It measures 1.60 m and weighs about 56 kilos . It will include the Autopilot computer used in the company’s electric cars, which will allow the robot to recognize objects in the real world, although the robot will have its own custom sensors.

Reference: TESLA

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