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Does money come first? This is the first Elon Musk action to hit Twitter

After writing the script for what could be a series on Netflix, Elon Musk arrived at the offices of Twitter . The businessman posted a video on his account where he announced his visit to the headquarters and about the experience he had had when talking with several of the company’s employees.

After this visit, the businessman took the opportunity to send a letter to the brand’s advertisers, to whom he confirmed his interest in working on the platform after having completed the purchase for 44,000 million dollars.

Musk said he doesn’t want Twitter to become a “boundless hell for everyone where you can say anything without consequence,” despite his stated promise to reduce moderation of the platform’s content and strengthen “freedom of expression.” .

Although the businessman has repeated on several occasions his intention to reduce content restrictions and even return access to accounts like Donald Trump’s, the CEO of Tesla also seeks to calm the nervousness of the sponsors of the social network.

“Twitter aspires to be the world’s most respected advertising platform that strengthens your brand and grows your business…so we want to build something extraordinary together,” he said.

Some analysts have anticipated the fear that several advertising companies have.

“Some companies are concerned about how their marketing can appear in the midst of controversial debates and alongside some forms of content, an area where Twitter already performs worse than other platforms,” says Jasmine Enberg, in an episode of the Emarketer podcast.

This type of controversy is relevant given that the midterm elections in the United States take place in 2022 and are exceeding the spending of the 2020 presidential elections. Higher spending is expected in 2024, something that the social network could take advantage of.

“As we expect some advertisers concerned about brand safety to move away from Twitter in the short term, political advertising on the platform could increase if Musk allows them to make dubious claims, especially since Meta and Google can afford to reject them.” Enberg points out.

In addition, he announced that the purpose of taking the reins of the company is linked to making improvements to the network and making it a product far from just delivering financial results, since his search is to have a freer environment, but with fewer bots.

Analysts anticipate several changes to the platform following Musk’s arrival. According to Brian Quinn, a professor at the Boston College Law School, the platform will be able to experience changes in its feed, have a new subscription and even bet on content more similar to that of TikTok.

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