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Does Nintendo Switch shake? This will be the new Razer portable console

The portable console market is growing. The Nintendo Switch kicked off a trend that Razer, in collaboration with Qualcomm and Verizon, is now following with the new Razor Edge 5G console, which is geared towards cloud gaming on the go.

Features of Razor Edge 5G

This device is powered by the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 processor, with which users will be able to sustain long gaming sessions with ultra-realistic graphics. The brand promises that these will have “a cinematic level of detail”.

Its screen will be AMOLED and will be optimized to offer high battery efficiency, whose capacity will be 5000mAh. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, this console will not be attached to cables.

Thanks to its collaboration with Verizon, the device will have the option to experience a “near zero” latency game regardless of whether the user is away from home. However, the user must have clear Wi-Fi 6E connections at home with FastConnect 6900.

One of the most important points regarding content is that from the first moment, Razer Edge will have access to thousands of AAA games compatible with the device, whether they are native Android games, pre-installed launchers, such as the one from Epic Games, or even streaming services. cloud streaming, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass.

When will the Razer Edge be on sale?

“We are paving the way for a powerful new category of gaming devices,” said Micah Knapp, director of product management at Qualcomm. “Bringing our technologies together with Razer’s award-winning hardware has resulted in a game-changing device” that will break new ground for the next generation of innovative gaming.

Razor Edge 5G will be available from January 2023 in a couple of versions, one with Wi-Fi and the other with 5G. So far, only the price of the first is known, which will be $399.

The stiff competition in handheld consoles

In 2017, Nintendo broke into the console market with a hybrid concept that has attracted more companies, which have wanted to take advantage of it from the side of power and offer content with a high level of demand to process games from the cloud. .

Logitech and Tencent recently launched the G Cloud, a wearable device that has access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, priced at $349.

Likewise, since last year Valve has motivated its Steam Deck portable console, which has the power of a gamer computer, in addition to building its catalog little by little until it has more than 5,000 titles available, among which are God of War or Elden Ring .

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