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Gaming chairs and headphones: Why despite inflation, people are buying more and more

The scope of the video game market not only includes consoles, computers or titles, but also other types of hardware that are of the utmost importance in the players’ experience: accessories , also known as peripherals; a sector that maintains a growth rate despite the economic outlook.

Peripherals often take advantage of the success of PC Gaming, since it is where they best complement the game. In addition, it is a market that represents a fifth of the world video game industry, according to data from the consulting firm Newzoo.

In money, this is 41,000 million dollars by 2022, in addition to the fact that this system houses some of the biggest brands and players in esports, who invest more in their accessories, as well as streamers, work that became more popular during the pandemic.

On the other hand, in the casual sector, more and more people are playing video games, so there are also more people spending on peripherals. According to a Newzoo study, users are spending more on headphones, keyboards or mice because they are playing more and more, in addition to being used for remote work environments.

Danny D’Avirro, Canada and Latin America director for popular gaming hardware company Turtle Beach, says consumers are spending more time at home. Their “habits have evolved greatly during the pandemic and it is important to give them multi-platform devices, because they do not want to buy something useful just to play and we must make the brand’s offers more flexible,” he explains.

Why are gamer accessories so attractive?

When it comes to video games, the two main reasons for owning a peripheral are related to immersion (33% allow them to fully experience the game) and competition, with 21% saying they have an advantage over their rivals.

Headphones, then, make sense in these fields, since a high-quality audio system allows, on the one hand, that the experiences of a player where the narrative has an important role, be deeper, while in online games they can gain an advantage by better hearing what is happening on the battlefield.

Other explanations for why users buy peripherals, although less relevant in the game, are the style and attractive designs, as well as communication functions, since 70% of the generation Z who play games are interested in socializing.

Newzoo analyst Kaylee Van Geene mentions that the market is not only competitive, but also highly fragmented. “There are now more gaming peripheral brands than ever before that are competing to stand out and steal the spotlight from their competition.”

It also highlights that brands are starting to nurture their own unique use cases and value propositions. Although there are more brands, consumers are looking at each of them.

In this regard, D’Arrivo accepts that the macroeconomic panorama affected by inflation is also impacting the industry and as a result diversification has become more important, because it allows them to reach audiences that were not their objective.

He even highlights that in this scenario, brands – his recently announced new products for Mexico – must make their products more accessible and be more creative to reach these new audiences.

An example of this is that at the end of June, Sony launched a new brand called Inzone, with which it will market headphones and screens for PCs, with the purpose of expanding the reach of PlayStation, whose games have already reached computers.

According to what specialists have said, this is also a way to diversify the company’s income, which has suffered from a shortage of components for its flagship console, the PS5, and forecast sales of 300 million dollars by 2022 in the gaming market. PC.

How much does it cost to improve the experience of a gamer?

For gamers, gadgets are some of the most important elements in their game time and here we mention some device recommendations that you can consider for your game moment.

  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 USB Headphones – 2,349 pesos
  • Logitech G213 mechanical keyboard – 1,389 pesos, but up to 789 pesos on offer
  • OMEN by HP gaming chair – 9,999 pesos, but up to 6,999 pesos on offer
  • HyoerX Pulsefire gaming mouse – 1,398 pesos, but up to 970 on offer
  • Console control for PC Sony DualSense 1,699 pesos or Xbox Elite Series 2 basic 3,199 pesos

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