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Drosten's corona forecast becomes bitter reality – the virologist predicted the current scenario as early as January

Forecasts and simulations, one of the many controversial topics in the corona pandemic. Christian Drosten is now said to be right about one of them.

Munich – The cases of infections with the corona virus are currently increasing rapidly again. On Thursday alone, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported over 50,000 new infections in Germany. This is the highest value since the beginning of the pandemic. In the ZDF talk show by Markus Lanz on Wednesday evening (November 10th), among other things, it was about the current development of the numbers and the compulsory vaccination. In this context, Lanz read quotes from virologist Christian Drosten in the second third of the program, who had already announced the current development at the beginning of the year.

Corona forecast: Drosten should be right

The head of virology at the Berlin Charité already said in January of this year in a Spiegel interview: “If the elderly and perhaps some of the risk groups are vaccinated, there will be enormous economic, social, political and perhaps also legal pressure. to end the corona measures. “

The consequences for Drosten were already clear back then: “And then within a short period of time many more people will be infected than we can even imagine now. Then we no longer have case numbers of 20,000 or 30,000, but in the worst case 100,000 per day. ”This affects the younger generation in particular. Difficult courses should not be the rule here. However, a high infection rate still results in full intensive care units and many deaths. Only this time the younger will be affected, explains the virologist.

Drosten on Corona development: With a truck down the steep mountain

Almost a year ago Drosten spoke symbolically of a rickety truck with which we are driving down a steep mountain. You neither know which bends are coming, nor whether the road will be steeper. The latter seems to have worsened, at least for the moment: With 50,196 new infections within 24 hours, the road appears to be steeper rather than flatter.

Only recently Drosten also stated that it is currently no longer just a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and thus refutes one of the countless misconceptions about Corona.

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