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Electricity consumption increases in the home office: Bavarian consumer advice center gives tips – this is how you can reduce costs

Working from home means that many households have been using significantly more electricity since Corona. The Bavarian consumer advice center therefore gives tips on how to reduce your own consumption.

Munich – Corona* has changed everyday working life, many people work in their own four walls instead of in the office. But working from home means that many households use significantly more electricity at home. Due to the simultaneous increase in energy prices, this can have a significant impact on the wallet. The Bavarian Consumer Center therefore points out in a press release: It is worth identifying electricity guzzlers in the household.

Corona: Electricity consumption increases through home office – additional costs of up to several hundred euros per year

After all, the regular operation of computers, desk lamps, kettles or coffee machines increases power consumption by around five percent, according to the energy advice service of the consumer advice centers. And the more frequent use of other electrical and household appliances also contributes to an increase.

The specific additional costs are different from case to case, but are estimated at an average of 30 cents to one euro per day. If the additional heating energy required for working in the home office is then taken into account, additional costs of up to several hundred euros per year arise, according to the consumer advice center.

Electricity consumption increases in the home office: Bavarian consumer center gives tips

She therefore advises: Devices that are not currently needed should be switched off completely, because they consume electricity even in standby mode. You can also save by reducing the room temperature. Every degree less reduces heating energy consumption by six percent. Twenty degrees room temperature are therefore considered pleasant.

In addition, improved thermal insulation on the building envelope contributes to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Saving energy has a double positive effect: because these measures not only relieve the strain on the wallet, but also protect the climate.

Individual households would not be able to compensate for the higher prices with the energy saving measures, explains the Bavarian consumer advice center. Nevertheless, consumers should identify the power guzzlers in their household.

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