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Electricity is in the air

coche-aire The air that flows around cars and planes as they travel could be used to generate electricity in the near future, according to physicist Yiannis Andreopoulos and his colleagues at the City College of New York.

To achieve this, researchers have used piezoelectric materials that convert motion into electricity. The devices, barely two centimeters thick, would be placed on the roof of cars or the fuselage of airplanes. And while they wouldn’t provide enough power to drive a hybrid car, they could be used to power the vehicle’s control panel and radio , and even to recharge the batteries in occupants’ mobile phones.

This is how the light bulb was invented

History tells us that the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of the light bulb, which is not true. Many searched for it and quite a few got it, but Edison was the one who turned that invention into a money-making machine.

Using decomposing human remains as compost will be legal from 2027

Everywhere? No. California just legalized this practice. It will be applicable within five years and each person will be able to decide if they want to do it or not.

How did the rabbit invasion in Australia come about?

Although it was introduced to the island more than 90 times in 70 years, only one of the introductions, in 1859, is the cause of the invasion, according to a recent study.

Energy supply is vital to attract investment, says Imco

Valeria Moy, director of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, says that increased energy consumption demands the search for fossil and non-fossil fuels.

Biodiversity underground: an ecosystem under our feet

The soil is of great importance in the ecosystem; the decomposition process is what makes it easier for nutrient cycles to close properly.