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Encinas defends research on Ayotzinapa: it is based on 150 events

Alejandro Encinas, president of the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice in the Ayotzinapa case, defended the investigation into the disappearance of the 43 young normalistas, which, he said, is based on 154 relevant events that provided relevant information and data linked to what happened on the night of September 26 and early morning of September 27, 2014.

“I am the main one surprised by this idea that I self-disqualified my work, well, the truth is no, it was not like that. It would be a lack of respect for the colleagues of my work team who have accompanied me in a very serious and professional way, “he said this Thursday.

The newspaper The New York Times published a report titled in which it affirms that the also Undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Ministry of the Interior recognized that much of what was presented in the investigation as “new and crucial” evidence could not be verified as real. It also maintains that the rush of the government to deliver information regarding the disappearance of the young people generated a series of setbacks: “A truth commission that relied on unsupported evidence and a criminal investigation that deprived the prosecution of key suspects.”

Encinas Rodríguez defended the investigation, which, he insisted, is not yet closed. He reported that the investigation, the results of which were presented last August, is supported by communications, statements, interviews and testimonies of the Commission, information provided by the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission ( CNDH), field surveys and metadata analysis.

Of the 154 events on which the investigation is based, he explained, 99 coincide with other sources: 38 based on captures with metadata from 2014 and 61 with information after that year.

The person in charge of the investigation to clarify what happened with the young people recognized that 55 events are coincident with other sources.

The undersecretary acknowledged that the investigation into the disappearance of the young people is the greatest challenge he has faced in public office due to the series of obstacles he has had to overcome.

“First it was facing the inertia, resistance and obstacles of the old regime to break the vicious circle and be able to open the investigation, then the leaks appeared, they leaked videos to us, they leaked documents to us, they even leaked the untested report with the aim of hindering the investigations. jobs and alert those responsible. Then followed a campaign of disqualifications to the report, to our people, to all the work carried out. From there we went to intimidation, to requests for protection against the report and the threat of criminal complaint lawyers. Now we move on to espionage,” he said.

“What’s next? It follows that we are not going to back down,” he said.

AMLO: “They are not going to derail us”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denounced that they wanted to “dynamit” the investigation into the disappearance of the 43 young people from Ayotzinapa, however, he said that they will not derail them and expressed his confidence in the work carried out by Alejandro Encinas.

“Here I have said that they wanted to dynamit the investigation so that the prosecution would not act, that is why, without taking into account the report, they added more responsible people thinking that with that we would no longer be able to make the decision, because if instead of six soldiers there were 20, then we were no longer going to be able to act,” he commented.

According to President López Obrador, despite the fact that there was only information on the alleged involvement of six elements of the National Defense Secretariat, 15 more were involved.

“I am not saying that they are innocent and that they have already been exonerated, they simply were not in the report,” he said.

“We want to question the performance of Alejandro, who for us is an exemplary public servant in whom we have all the confidence. They are not going to derail us, since it is very clear to them, we have all the confidence in this man, he has all our support”, he commented.

The president also expressed his support for Rosendo Gómez Piedra, who was appointed as the new head of the Special Unit for the Investigation and Litigation of the Ayotzinapa case (UEILCA), after the departure of Omar Gómez-Trejo.

“He has all our support, he is a person I have known for more than 30 years, an honest, clean man, a lawyer who does put into practice the maxim that outside the law nothing and above the law nobody, then I am very satisfied because I know who is responsible,” he added.

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