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End of alarm state: Grande-Marlaska did not prepare any device to stop the bottles with the end of the alarm state

Saturday at midnight was the time marked in red and the places to be controlled were more than obvious: between Madrid and Barcelona only that night, more than 1,600 people were sanctioned, however, while the Catalan Department of the Interior reinforced the work of the Guardia Urbana de Barcelona with a special device of the Mossos d’Esquadra, in Madrid, an autonomous community without its own police, the Ministry of the Interior, which acts through the Government Delegation, did not reinforce surveillance. The images of irresponsible behavior filling the streets with people making bottles on public roads to celebrate the end of the state of alarm. All the police forces in Spain were warned and in fact all had prepared a special device in anticipation of what might happen in the exact moment of the decay of the alarm state. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, just at midnight, the restrictions that affected mobility and hours to be able to be on the street were lifted suddenly. With some exceptions that had the approval of its higher courts of Justice, such as the Valencian Community, the view was set on Madrid and Barcelona.In fact, during the week prior to the end of the state of alarm, this newspaper learned that The Department of the Interior of the Government of Catalonia was finalizing a special device to support the Guàrdia Urbana in the face of what was coming to the local police of Barcelona with the anticipation of bottles and crowds due to the end of the state of alarm.And the data gave the reason to those who decided to interfere with the autonomous police in the sanctioning and control tasks of regular meetings of the Urban Guard and other local police. Only in Catalonia have 600 sanctions related to behavior after the deactivation of the alarm state. But it is that only in Barcelona, the Urban Guard evicted more than 1,600 people from the streets in a single night From midnight on Saturday to Sunday, that is, in the first 24 hours outside the state of alarm, the Mossos and the police Local authorities have sanctioned some 600 people in Catalonia for failing to comply with security measures, such as the use of masks and social distancing, and the Barcelona Urban Guard together with Mossos has evicted 6,500 people from public roads in the city alone. Given these figures, the Catalan Government maintains the police system for the next weekend and it is emphasized that the emergence of life in the last hours was something as expected as it was evident. Thousands of sanctions But what happened in Madrid is surprising, or rather the reading that It has been made from the images lived in the capital of Spain, for which no special device was prepared to support the Municipal Police. The City Council has explained that after the end of the state of alarm, 650 sanctions were imposed for bottles in addition to another 350 for not using the mask, in addition to the sanctions imposed on premises for exceeding the allowed capacity or not respecting the opening hours. The reaction to the images of Madrid came first from the Government Delegation, whose owner, Mercedes González, blamed the Community of Madrid for the bottles, especially in the capital.However, nothing was mentioned about the absence of support offered by this institution. The local police themselves have requested it. The Local Police area of the CSIF union has requested this Monday citizen responsibility and the support of the National Police and the Civil Guard for the control of leisure after the end of the state of alarm. ignore the words of the Government delegate and the person in charge of the area, Inmaculada Sanz has assured that “unfortunately the Government of Spain has lost a year in terms of having regulated, in giving an alternative, a ‘plan b’, when this will happen. We have been denouncing it in recent months, leaving the autonomous communities in this framework of legal insecurity. We are seeing how the courts are endorsing in some places yes and in other points no. It could have been avoided and, incomprehensibly, it has not wanted to be addressed. ”The sources consulted by this newspaper assure that the police control of bottles and entertainment venues is the responsibility of the Madrid Local Police, and that is totally true. However, for the imminent festival of San Isidro there is already a National Police support device for the Madrid municipal agents. Why the same has not been done this weekend is something that should be answered by the Ministry of the Interior or its delegate in Madrid.

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