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Enel marks the route to a new era of energy in Mexico

In the midst of the climate change crisis, it is essential to find alternatives to meet the global demand for energy. In addition, the reduction of the environmental footprint is important, especially in a territory like Mexico, due to its great potential for the use of renewable resources.

In this way, with the vision of contributing to the decarbonization of the energy matrix in a responsible and sustainable manner, Enel began operations in the country 14 years ago. Now, as the leading energy manager , it has two lines of business: Enel Energía, for the sale of energy and other products, and Enel Green Power, focused on the generation of renewable energy.

“Decarbonization is essential for the future development of society. For this reason, we go hand in hand with companies, as their advisors, so that their consumption is cleaner. We believe that climate change can be combated through the energy transition”, stated Ricardo Whaley, Head of Energy Management & Commercial Office at Enel México.

The director added that this is also the route to cooperate in economic development, with the firm conviction that the future is the green path of renewables and sustainability strategies that create shared value in local communities.

Through constant growth, the company has developed projects in 11 states of the national territory, reaching an installed capacity of almost 3,000 MW. In fact, Ricardo Whaley pointed out that one of the most notable points in its expansion was recorded between 2016 and 2017, as a result of the launch of the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) and the Long-Term Electricity Auctions.

As a result, Enel was awarded the installation and operation of eight plants, among which Villanueva, located in Coahuila, stands out. Operated by Enel Green Power Mexico, it is considered the largest photovoltaic solar plant in Latin America and one of the five most important worldwide.

“What we have been doing in Mexico, since 2008, is the work of a very solid international group, with a presence in more than 30 countries. Our goal is to be Net Zero by 2040 and, with input from all markets, we are on track to achieve that,” said Whaley.

For its part, Enel Energía was defined as the vehicle to meet the demand of industrial and commercial customers with large consumption (Qualified Users) in the MEM. Its added value is not only focused on achieving cost reduction, but on establishing a sustainable strategy for your entire supply chain.

In addition, under this line of business, they offer a tailored solution for companies to assure their consumers that the energy supply is from renewable sources, through the acquisition of Clean Energy Certificates (CEL).

“We remain active, contributing to the fulfillment of energy demand, with three axes: care for our planet, which is our main stakeholder; the development of technological systems to make our operation more efficient and ensure continuity, all this added to taking care of the company’s collaborators”, Whaley pointed out.

Enel’s zero accident commitment

With the Stop Work Policy and Zero Accidents initiatives, the company assumes the responsibility of prioritizing the well-being of its employees, by implementing a culture of health and safety.

Among its good practices, the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) area encourages employees to appropriate a sense of responsibility, to take care of themselves inside and outside the company; for example, with the teams that perform work in power plants.

While its action plan against the pandemic showed results in controlling infections, thanks to the application of tests to detect positive cases in a timely manner and deploy protocols such as the hybrid work scheme in the areas where it has been possible. .

Also, Enel México has a certification in Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination under the Mexican Standard NMX-R-025-SCFI-2015 and NOM-035, to create and maintain a healthier environment.

“If a collaborator detects that the conditions are not safe, the situation is reported, analyzed and corrected to continue the operation. That has been the conscience of Enel as a company, for a long time”, concluded Ricardo Whaley.

A sustainable vision is key in the organizational strategy

Companies like Enel stand out for accompanying their clients to adopt a new approach, find solutions tailored to their objectives and integrate sustainability into their value chain.

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