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Enter the booster vaccination in the Corona warning app and CovPass – this is how it works

More and more people are being boosted against the coronavirus. The vaccination certificate can be deposited with the Corona-Warn-App and CovPass.

Frankfurt – The fourth corona wave continues to spread in Germany. For better protection against the virus, many people can be boosted with a third prick. The booster vaccination is supposed to help prevent infections and severe courses in order to save the health system from collapse – especially in the fight against the omicron variant.

As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced, more than 950,000 booster vaccinations were given on Thursday (December 9th, 2021), the second highest value so far. This means that a good 17 million people currently have fully refreshed corona vaccination protection. With 83 million inhabitants, that’s around 20 percent.

Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has already explained the importance of the booster. “The vaccination is only complete if you have been vaccinated three times,” said the new Federal Minister of Health on ZDF. However, in order to prove the booster vaccination in restaurants, fitness studios or public transport in the future, the vaccination certificate does not have to be carried with you. The well-known Corona apps also offer the option of storing a digital vaccination certificate for the booster. How does it work with the Corona warning app and co?

Digital vaccination certificate for the booster: This is how the Corona warning app comes in

The certificate of the booster vaccination is entered in the Corona Warning app in the same way as previous vaccination certificates. To do this, the “Scan” tab must first be selected in order to access the universal QR code scanner. The QR code can then be scanned, which is located on the issued certificate in paper format. After the certificate has been entered in the app, it appears as a “3/3 booster”. For people with the Johnson & Johnson simple vaccination, the app shows “2/2 Booster”.

Coronavirus: CovPass supports certificate for booster vaccination

The verification in the CovPass app is also done quickly. Users: inside must click on the plus sign at the bottom of the app. The “Add evidence” pop-up appears. With a click on the “Scan QR code” field, the camera opens and, as with the Corona warning app, the digital booster certificate can now be entered. In both apps, proof of the booster vaccination is automatically displayed in the first place in the certificate overview 14 days after the vaccination.

The QR code for the Corona apps is issued either directly at the vaccination centers, mobile vaccination teams or vaccination clinics. However, people who have been vaccinated three times can also obtain the document from numerous participating pharmacies. For this, proof of vaccination and identity card must be presented.

Booster vaccination: High data protection standards for Corona apps

In order to prove the vaccination protection in everyday life, the regular vaccination certificate as well as the certificate of the booster vaccination can currently be presented. “When checking with the CovPassCheck app, there is no indication that the person is recommended a booster vaccination, nor is it noted in the scanned certificate. In terms of the high level of data protection provided by the Corona-Warn-App, only the users know that the certificate is a booster “, says the development team of the Corona-Warn-App.

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