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eSIM? The iPhone 14 will arrive in Mexico with a SIM slot

During the presentation of the iPhone 14, many users worried about the possibility of buying an Apple phone without the physical SIM entry and that in Mexico they could not use their telephone line. However, a version with a physical card slot will arrive in the country.

So if you buy your phone through an operator, such as Telcel or ATT, it is no longer necessary to process your eSIM, since we already had the devices in our hands and we were able to verify that the characteristic slot of previous models exists.

What is an eSIM?

Electronic or virtual SIM cards are the way in which companies are replacing the physical SIM integrated in the mobile phone, as they allow you to obtain the same benefits, such as accessing a data plan and calls from an operator, only in this time it would be through the scanning of a QR code, provided by the telecommunications company.

Although it can be difficult to get used to the lack of an element that has been present in cell phones since their inception, this technology has a benefit for security and that is that if the device is stolen, it is not possible to remove the SIM card and locate it it may be an easier job.

In Mexico it is possible to process this type of service in ATT and Telcel. And in fact it is not an exclusive service for iPhone, according to some teams from Samsung, Motorola and Huawei are compatible to have this service, in addition to being able to process it for iPad.

In case you want to opt for the eSIM option, you can obtain it through the plans that the operators have, and if you are in the United States or Canada you can use the satellite service to connect.

When will iPhone 14 arrive in Mexico?

The presale of the equipment of the new family is now available and will arrive officially on September 30. The most basic model will be priced at 20,999 pesos, while the 512 GB iPhone 14 Plus will be priced at 31,999 pesos.

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