NewsExpert: Anger is healthier than fear

Expert: Anger is healthier than fear

The anger of young people in the face of current challenges is appropriate, according to one expert. Demos and actions are a good remedy for fear.

Stuttgart – An expert is convinced that the anger and outrage of young people are appropriate in view of the challenges of climate change and the pandemic.

“An active fighting attitude does not come into conflict with mental health,” emphasized the child and youth psychiatrist Reinmar Du Bois. The community and solidarity, which the young people assure themselves in demos and actions, is a good remedy against fear. “Fear arises in isolation,” says the Stuttgart professor.

Fears more likely with parents

According to Du Bois, fears arise more in parents than in children. Younger children in particular did not feel at all affected by the climate change debate. “They are more likely to be afraid of burglars or fire.” Instead, the parents projected their fears onto their offspring. “They should stand by their own fears, take their children on the street to escape fear together.” If climate change is discussed, then always with the understanding that something can still be done about it, the expert advises. dpa

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