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Facebook Camera vs. Instagram

facebook2 The famous social network has just launched Facebook Camera, a new mobile application that will allow you to make, filter, edit and share photos in a very similar way to the Instagram service. This launch has been a surprise to the public, because, after Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for about 1,000 million, it seems that the company is duplicating efforts in the same service.

The main novelty of the application is that it allows you to upload and share multiple photos at the same time . You can also add comments, and ‘Like’ your friends’ images, tag them, or browse their respective albums. Like Instagram, Facebook Camera incorporates filters with which to edit photos and give them a ‘vintage’ touch.

At the moment, the application is available for smartphones and tablets with iOS as the operating system, and the company has not revealed whether Facebook Camera will also work for Android and other devices in the future.

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