NewsFairy worlds at the Fantasy Festival in Bad Mergentheim

Fairy worlds at the Fantasy Festival in Bad Mergentheim

Romans and knights, elves and dragons: if you have fun with imaginative disguises, you should be in good hands this weekend in Bad Mergentheim.

Bad Mergentheim – From the Vikings to the end times it is only a few minutes’ walk in Bad Mergentheim at the weekend.

The start of the fantasy festival “Annotopia” on Saturday in front of the city’s residential palace in northeast Baden-Württemberg brought together numerous fans of Romans and knights, fairies, elves and dragons, Harry Potter and cowboys. According to the organizers, the largest festival of its kind in Germany is taking place in Bad Mergentheim for the first time.

Start des Fantasy-Festivals "Annotopia"


Bikers at the start.

Further stations are planned in Lüdinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Rotenburg an der Fulda in Hesse. Last year the festival was canceled due to the corona pandemic.

By Sunday, around 500 performers from several countries are supposed to entertain the visitors and take them into a world of mythical creatures, pirates and jugglers. According to the organizers, this included “Fangdorn”, the last living dragon in the world, the “essence of Saeftinghe”, the Dutch electro-folk-rock pirate band Pyrates and a magician from Scotland. The organizers expected 8,000 visitors before the festival started. dpa

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