NewsFamous bodybuilder dies at only 49 years old

Famous bodybuilder dies at only 49 years old

The fitness scene is mourning one of its greats: the American bodybuilder John Meadows is dead.

Washington Court House, Ohio – The well-known bodybuilder John Meadows is dead. At the age of only 49, the fitness legend died “unexpectedly” and “peacefully” on Sunday (08/08/2021), as his wife announced via Facebook. The American was one of the defining faces of the bodybuilding scene for over 30 years, in which he operated under the nickname “Mountain Dog”.

The New York Post reported that he took part in his first competition at the age of 13. At the same time, Meadows pursued his passion for powerlifting. Most recently, the athlete, who was followed by over 30,000 people on Facebook and over 300,000 on Instagram, increasingly worked as a youth football coach and trainer for other bodybuilding professionals.

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Well-known bodybuilder John Meadows is dead: cause of death unclear

According to the New York Post, doctors had diagnosed the family man with a rare colon disease in 2015. But then Meadows made a comeback, and competed in professional competitions for over ten years. The family did not initially provide any information about the cause of his death. According to matching media reports, the American is said to have had health problems after a heart attack in May 2020.

Meadows leaves behind a wife and two sons. The family is in shock, it said in the statement, but thanks for the great sympathy. Numerous big names in the scene expressed their condolences on social media, including bodybuilding superstar Kai Green, who wrote about the deceased that he had been a mentor and friend with “incomparable wisdom” and “genuine friendliness”. (ag)

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