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Fans horrified: Prince Harry does not come to the Prince Philips memorial service

It’s final. Prince Harry will not attend his grandfather Prince Philip’s memorial service. Queen Elizabeth II must continue to wait to meet great-granddaughter Lilibet.

London – Shortly before, Prince Harry (37) dropped the bomb. Allegedly just fifteen minutes before a spokesman for the Duke of Sussex officially announced his absence, he informed his grandmother, the British monarch. What is really regrettable about the step, however, is that a first meeting of the Queen (95) with Harry’s daughter Lilibet Diana (9 months) is a long way off.
Fans agree: Harry’s decision snubs the monarchy.*

Fans horrified: Prince Harry does not come to the Prince Philips memorial service

The wording of the Sussex spokesman’s cancellation leaves a lot in the dark: “The Duke will not be returning to the UK at the end of March but hopes to be able to visit his grandmother as soon as possible”. If not in March, is the ducal couple planning a visit to the Queen’s throne jubilee * in the summer? The funeral service for Prince Philip* (99, † 2021) is scheduled for March 29 at Westminster Abbey. Biographer Angela Levin said: “He snubbed the Duke of Edinburgh, but in reality he snubbed the Queen,” who is mourning the loss of her beloved husband after 73 years of marriage.

Prinz Harry geleitet seinen angeschlagenen Großvater Prinz Philip aus der Tür (Symbolbild).


Prince Harry will not attend his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral service.

The lack of understanding on the part of the fans and probably also the Royal Family * is so high because the father of two also intends to fly across the Atlantic to The Hague for the Invictus Games, his event for army veterans, a little later in April. He felt “insecure”, said the son of the heir to the throne Prince Charles * (73). To visit the kingdom, he had applied for police protection for his family*, which he was denied due to his retirement as a senior royal. The Duke of Sussex* then filed a complaint with the High Court.

Fans horrified: Prince Harry’s motivation not to come remains in the dark

All sensibilities and adversities aside, Harry and Meghan’s* (40) decision – defiant or not – is hard because once again an opportunity passes when Queen Elizabeth II* cannot meet her great-grandchildren Lilibet Diana in person. The health of the regent is stable after her Covid disease*, but she is increasingly canceling appointments so as not to take any unnecessary risks.

Prince Harry should also know that a meeting between the elderly namesake and little Lilibet should be one of his grandmother’s heart’s desires. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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