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Feel-good place in the German capital? – "Israelis in Berlin"

How are people from Israel who are looking for happiness abroad – for example in Berlin? For the ARD documentary “Home wanted! Israelis in Berlin ”report some of them from their everyday life, including the male couple Dory and Moshe.

[Berlin -] What do Jews in the Diaspora need to feel at home? What does home mean to you? Around 10,000 Jews live in Berlin. For the documentary “Heimat sucht! Israelis in Berlin “, filmmaker Ole Wessels met a young family, a couple of artists, a tour guide and their grown-up son.

The question of identity accompanies them all. And Berlin seems to be a good place for you as a cosmopolitan metropolis – maybe only temporarily. Migration, moving on, is part of it for them and their ancestors. “Looking for home! Israelis in Berlin ”is a 30-minute production by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) and can be seen on Sunday (September 12th) at 5.30pm on Das Erste.

Shahar and her husband Noam have lived in Berlin for ten years, and this is where their daughter was born. The two founded a small fashion label. Her parents came from immigrant families and came to Israel from Argentina. She now lives in Germany. “Maybe you feel good in different places, but you never really belong,” she says. What she values about Berlin is the neighborhood and the feeling of security. Her relatives are not there, and the family is also home. Shahar misses that. She doesn’t yet know whether she wants to stay in Berlin forever.

In any case, city guide Nirit got stuck in Berlin. She has lived in the German capital since 1987. For her, too, it’s all about feeling comfortable in one place. That is the case in Berlin. She likes the people in her neighborhood and has established herself professionally. Her son Joel, on the other hand, is currently looking for his identity, as he says. The student also works as a visitor advisor in the Bundestag. There he is repeatedly confronted with questions about his origin. That worries him.

The two authors Dory and Moshe also got around a lot. You lived in Paris for years, then in Tel Aviv, now in Berlin. There they enjoy being accepted – as a gay couple, as artists, as Jews. [dpa]

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