NewsFelipe & Letizia from Spain: Ex-employee reveals piquant palace...

Felipe & Letizia from Spain: Ex-employee reveals piquant palace details

A former employee of King Felipe and Queen Letizia spoke about his time at the Zarzuela Palace on a podcast. Surprising details came to light.

Madrid – At the end of the year, Felipe (53) and Letizia of Spain (49) have to grapple with new headlines. A former employee spoke in a podcast about his work in the palace * and did not mince his words.

Felipe & Letizia from Spain: Ex-employee reveals piquant palace details

Everyone is talking about a podcast about the Spanish royal family *. For an episode of “XRey”, an ex-employee of the Royals who wanted to remain anonymous, remembered his time in the Zarzuela Palace * and revealed some exciting details.

Apparently the insider was working for the royal family when the rumors about Juan Carlos I * (83) and his then lover Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (57) continued to boil. From 2004, the two are said to have had a relationship with each other for years. The end of the affair was not very harmonious. Only a few months ago, the German entrepreneur made headlines again with her lawsuit against the former regent *.

Felipe und Letizia von Spanien stehen nebeneinander und schauen nachdenklich (Symbolbild).


In a podcast, an ex-employee of Felipe and Letizia unpacked spicy details (symbol picture).

Felipe & Letizia of Spain – “You have often complained about the bureaucracy in the house”

Letizia * and Felipe, according to the statements of the ex-employee, suffered greatly from the situation and tried desperately to somehow save the reputation of the crown. “Their fear made them very tense around everyone. You always asked what one or the other said. They were afraid of what one might know, ”recalled the former employee. At the latest, when the financial scandal surrounding Infanta Cristina * (56) and her husband Iñaki Urdangarin * (53) continued to spread, the break within the family seemed unstoppable and the next scandal was perfect.

Felipe * wanted to lead the royal family with his wife at his side into a more modern age and win back the trust of the population. “You have often complained about the bureaucracy in the house. She wanted to organize the communication channels better, ”said the insider in the podcast.

Letizia, Felipe und Juan Carlos von Spanien sitzen in einer Reihe nebeneinander (Symbolbild).


The relationship with Juan Carlos I is very cold today (symbol picture).

Letizia & Felipe of Spain: is Juan Carlos coming back to Spain?

The relationship between King Felipe and his father deteriorated in the years that followed. Juan Carlos, who finally abdicated in 2014 and now lives in exile in Abu Dhabi, recently announced that his son would no longer even congratulate him on his birthday *. Again and again there are reports that the 83-year-old wants to return to his Spanish homeland *, but so far he still has his center of life in the United Arab Emirates. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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