NewsFire broke out in Cologne Zoo: fire brigade with...

Fire broke out in Cologne Zoo: fire brigade with around 50 emergency services on site

Fire in Cologne Zoo: A fire broke out in the tropical house of Cologne Zoo. Food may have caught fire.

Cologne – Major alarm for the Cologne fire brigade: On Tuesday evening, residents reported smoke over the Cologne Zoo. More than 50 emergency services are now on site.

According to a spokeswoman for the Cologne fire brigade, there is already an assumption as to the cause of the fire. Food could have caught fire.

Fire in the tropical house of Cologne Zoo: the extinguishing work is progressing

The fire brigade broke out in the tropical house of Cologne Zoo, where turtles are said to live, among other things.

But there is also good news: “The extinguishing work is progressing,” said the fire brigade spokeswoman about an hour after the alarm. There are still some fires.

Fire in the Cologne Zoo: Were animals injured?

The most important question has not yet been answered. According to the fire department, there is still no information on whether animals were injured. According to its spokesman, the Cologne Zoo was already closed when the fire brigade received the alarm.

According to Radio Cologne , Cologne’s fire brigade chief Christian Miller expects a longer deployment. People have started to smoke out the areas where animals lived. People weren’t hurt either. Baby monkey Mana was born in Cologne Zoo in January. (dpa/kat)

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Fire in the tropical house in the Cologne Zoo – the food caught fire

A fire broke out in the Cologne Zoo. The extinguishing work is still in progress, while there are already speculations about the cause of the fire.

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