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Five apps that alert you about earthquakes in Mexico

In Mexico City, the seismic alert warns the residents of the arrival of seismic waves that can cause damage. It is about a few seconds of advantage to be located in an area of lower risk; however, this is not always perceived.

There are places within the capital and metropolitan area where the alert is simply imperceptible. That is why relying on other tools, such as earthquake alert apps , is an option. We tell you what alternatives you have.

Sky Alert

The technological tool sends alerts with intensity in each locality for free, as well as the estimated time of arrival of an earthquake in Mexico in its paid version.

This application is used for devices with operating systems and But be careful, because sometimes they are just drills that can cause you a scare.

The app issues the alarm about 60 seconds before the shaking happens. It also allows you to have a contact base to communicate in case of an emergency, as well as key service numbers depending on your location. In addition to this tool, the company sells seismic alert repeater equipment to place in homes and offices.


Developed by the UC Berkeley Seismology Laboratory, it is an application powered by Sky Alert to provide early warning of earthquakes. It also provides you with maps and safety tips.

It also allows you to make a report of what you felt and see what other users are reporting.

Earthquake Detector

This app detects strong earthquakes in real time through the smartphone network. It has a seismic alert seconds in advance, reports of earthquakes detected and chat in its free version.

911 CDMX

This app is available for iOS devices. and Android This is a project of the Government of Mexico City, through the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center (C5).


Ideal for iOS, as it is visible even on an Apple Watch, it provides information on earthquakes around the world.

Remember to follow the recommendations of the authorities in case of disaster.

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