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For a mega project: Jeff Bezos wants to have the historic building dismantled – despite resistance

A historic building in Rotterdam is to be removed so that Jeff Bezos can complete a mega-project. There is resistance.

Rotterdam – Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is currently having a yacht built by the company Oceano in the Dutch municipality of Ablasserdam near Rotterdam. As befits one of the richest people in the world, it will not be just any yacht. With a length of 127 meters, the ship will be the largest sailing yacht in the world, costing 430 million euros, according to the Dutch media. However, the three masts of the sailing yacht are now causing difficulties.

Once completed, Jeff Bezos yacht will have to cross several bridges en route through Rotterdam, including the historic De Hef railway bridge. Its main pillars have been standing since 1878 and it is a listed building. And it is close to the hearts of the residents of Rotterdam, who, among other things, resisted its demolition in 1993. De Hef stayed and after a 2017 refurbishment, the city promised that the bridge would never be dismantled again.

Das Mittelstück der historischen Brücke De Hef in Rotterdam kann bis zu 40 Meter nach oben gefahren werden.


The middle section of the historic bridge De Hef in Rotterdam can be raised up to 40 meters. Not enough for Jeff Bezos yacht. (archive photo)

Jeff Bezos: Historic bridge in Rotterdam is to be dismantled to allow his yacht to pass

The historic bridge is a lifting bridge. The middle section can be raised about 40 meters to allow ships to pass. But that’s not enough for Jeff Bezo’s yacht. Manufacturer Oceano has petitioned the city to remove it. The costs are to be borne by the shipyard and Jeff Bezos, Der Spiegel reported.

According to information from the regional radio station Rijnmond, the city of Rotterdam has already approved the plan – to the horror of numerous residents, who refer to the city’s assurance that the bridge will never be dismantled.

Jeff Bezos yacht: Rotterdam agrees to plans – despite opposition

“It’s the only way to the sea,” argued a spokesman for the mayor to the AFP news agency on Wednesday (02/03/2022). According to Marcel Walrevens, it is not practical to take the Jeff Bezos yacht apart again and complete it elsewhere. Removing the bridge is therefore the only alternative.

The center piece is only meant to be removed for a day. The preparation will take about a week, project manager Marcel Walrevens told radio station Rijnmond. After another week, the bridge should be functional again. She also referred to the economic benefit and the jobs created by the construction of the three-master.

“Jobs are important, but there are limits to what you can and can’t do with our industrial monuments,” Tom Wessellink of the Roterodamum Historical Society told Rijnmond.

However, Jeff Bezos is not only on the water in superlatives, but also wants to establish space tourism. In July 2021, Bezos flew into space himself. (ms with AFP)

Picture list: © ANP / Imago

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