NewsFor failing to cooperate: Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon...

For failing to cooperate: Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon sentenced to four months in jail

Steve Bannon , who was an adviser to former President Donald Trump , was sentenced Friday by a judge to four months in prison for refusing to cooperate with lawmakers investigating last year’s assault on the US Capitol.

In sentencing, US District Judge Carl Nichols also ordered Bannon to pay a $6,500 fine, but allowed him to defer serving the sentence while he appeals the guilty verdict.

Bannon was found guilty in July on two counts of contempt of Congress for failing to provide documents or testimony to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack.

Prosecutors had requested a six-month sentence.

Prosecutor JP Cooney said at Friday’s hearing that Bannon “is not above the law, and that’s what makes this case important,” Cooney said.

Bannon, 68, was a key adviser to the Republican Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, and then was his main strategist in the White House during 2017, before a disagreement between the two, which later smoothed things over.

Bannon is a firebrand who helped articulate right-wing “America First” populism and a staunch opponent of immigration.

A mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and attacked police with batons, sledgehammers, flagpoles, Tasers, chemical irritants, metal pipes, rocks, metal railings and other weapons in an unsuccessful attempt to block certification of the Congress of the 2020 election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden.

Bannon did not want to address the judge before sentencing on Friday.

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