NewsFranziska Knuppe wins sled dog races

Franziska Knuppe wins sled dog races

Numerous celebrities came to Usedom to take part in the “Baltic Lights” sled dog race for a good cause. Model Franziska Knuppe was the fastest with her team.

Heringsdorf – The model Franziska Knuppe and the actor Hendrik Duryn won the celebrity run of the "Baltic Lights" sled dog race on Usedom. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the organizer.

Among others, the entertainer Wolfgang Lippert, the actresses Anja and Gerit Kling, Susan Sideropoulos and Nina Ensmann as well as their colleagues Antoine Monot Jr. and Bernhard Bettermann started on Saturday.

The event in aid of Welthungerhilfe was organized by actor Till Demtrøder. Half of the money this year is to benefit the people of Ukraine, which is under Russian attack. How much donations were collected was initially unclear on Sunday. dpa

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