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"Freedom Day": Sandra Ciesek warns before the end of the corona measures – and sees a dangerous spring situation

Even if the pandemic seems secondary at the moment: an end to the corona measures is not appropriate, says virologist Sandra Ciesek.

Cologne – “The pandemic is not over with Omikron,” says virologist Sandra Ciesek in her last coronavirus update on NDR , which was disputed alone for the time being. You just have to look at the daily death toll.

“200 deaths every single day is just too many for me to call it harmless or irrelevant.”

Sandra Ciesek

Instead, one must have the feeling that more than 200 deaths per day in connection with Covid-19 are now simply accepted.

Video: Drosten and Ciesek end the Corona podcast

Virologist Ciesek: Measures need to be put to the test – contradiction among politicians

“Measures always need to be put to the test and should be adapted to the current situation,” says Ciesek. The fact that the end of the measures is already being discussed is untenable for them. “We just don’t have a stable situation. And even if you promised a date – the virus doesn’t stick to it.”

Ciesek assumes that the number of infections in Germany will initially continue to rise until “at some point a lot of people are infected” and it gets warmer. And she says: “I just hope that spring will come quickly and can help slow down the virus.” Ciesek sees a contradiction in politicians who are currently warning of a summer wave.

“You can’t warn of a summer wave and at the same time abolish the obligation to wear masks.”

Sandra Ciesek

No Freedom Day: In view of the spreading infections, some countries are sticking to the corona virus measures, including Bavaria*. Ciesek thinks it makes sense and is easy to continue to protect yourself by wearing a mask.

Virologist Ciesek: How dangerous are the BA.2 mutation and a delta-omicron combination?

Ciesek does not attribute the fact that the number of infections and deaths is currently increasing in Hong Kong* to more dangerous mutations*, such as BA.2, but to the lack of immunization in older people. “You can see how important it was for us to prioritize vaccinations because it protects against a severe course,” says Ciesek. “And Hong Kong should be a warning to us that omicron is not harmless unless you’re immunized, especially at this age.”

According to Ciesek, there is no danger from so-called recombinants. As with the variant called “Deltakron”, two virus variants would have to combine in one host. So far, this has only been proven in isolated cases.

“You would not only have to have a double infection for this, but also individual cells that are doubly infected. This is classic for influenza, but it would be possible with Sars-CoV-2. But it’s not like that happens every day.”

Sandra Ciesek

But we are still in the very early stages of understanding this. At the end of March, Sandra Ciesek will appear again in the coronavirus update with colleague Christian Drosten before the series with the two virologists ends, and then other specialists will speak. (kat) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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